Friday, February 9, 2018


What a wild, crazy, amazing journey this has been! I started Mommy's Little Sunshine almost 6 years ago. I hit the ground running and it has been non-stop ever since.

What many of you may not know is when I started Mommy's Little Sunshine I had no intentions of turning it into a business. It actually all started as a blog to document the pregnancy of my daughter. At the time I didn't know what I was going to name my daughter otherwise I would have come up with a blog name involving her name. All I knew at the time was that she was going to be the light in my life, My Little Sunshine- Mommy's Little Sunshine, so that is exactly what I called the blog.

Over time and with the help of Pinterest, my blog took off. I soon had a good following for the blog and people began to ask all kinds of questions- where did I buy an outfit for her? How did I make that headband? What was her nursery going to look like? So I started blogging tutorials on how I made things for her. That pleased most followers, but some were busy and didn't want to know how to make it, instead they wanted me to make it for them. I loved this little hobby of mine so I created an Etsy Shop.

Over a couple of months the Etsy Shop got really busy. I knew I would be having my daughter soon and that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the demand while having a newborn. So I created my own website and started outsourcing products, thinking this solution would take some stress off my plate.

Within the first month I had sold over 10,000 orders- you guys, TEN THOUSAND ORDERS!! It was just me at the time, shipping orders out of my home. It was probably the craziest experience of my life.
 We had to put a hold on orders for about a month so I could catch up with the demand. I had family and friends coming over in the evening and on weekends. Luckily it was summer so I was able to have one of my babysitters and her friends come over to help package up orders during the day. It was non-stop, day and night! But somehow we managed to make it through the craziness.

At this point I knew could no longer do things on my own. I knew I was good at marketing and selling things on my site, but the business side of things was a little messy because I had no idea what I was doing.  The whole process of starting my boutique was 'live and learn'. I failed over and over again, but I learned and grew from it. I had no college education, in fact I almost didn't graduate from High School because I got pregnant my senior year. The only thing I did have was that I was fearless in my decision making and was determined to make it.

I decided to partner with another company, 50/50. I moved my inventory into their warehouse/office, they created a new website for me, took over customer service, shipping orders, just about everything! I was still over the products I wanted to sell on my site and the working with the vendors in China. We decided to launch our first big promotion. This time we had 10,000 items in stock so that it wouldn't be as crazy as the first promotion. We sold out within DAYS and back-ordered 7,000 more before stopping the promotion. SEVENTEEN THOUSAND ORDERS! I was beyond shocked! The new system worked out so much better and we were able to easily ship out orders and I was able to have all the orders out of my home.

We sold thousands more orders over the next month with my partners, but over time the partnership wasn't working out for everyone. We decided to part ways and I was back to owning 100% of the company. I signed a lease on my first warehouse/office and hired my first employee!

This warehouse didn't even last a year before we out grew it and needed something bigger. Then the next warehouse only lasted a few months, and the next! We have moved warehouses 4 times now!

As the company has grown the products have changed. In the beginning I only catered to babies & toddlers, since I have grown all the way to tween sizing. I have LOVED offering clothing sizes to all children but as I have been marketing to the new audience I have noticed not very many tweens love shopping on a site called Mommy's Little Sunshine. And honestly, I never planned on having the name of my business be that.

So after much consideration, I decided to re-brand Mommy's Little Sunshine to Kynn + Co. I wanted to still keep my daughter in mind when selecting a name for the business because she was the main reason the blog started. Her name is Laikynn, and oddly enough I was nicknamed Kin (short for McKinli) most of my childhood. So the name Kynn stood out to me and Kynn + Co was formed.

This is actually the first time I have ever branded the business and it has been such a fun (but stressful) experience. I have had an AMAZING team of people help me with this! First and most importantly my creative director, Tanya Okey, she has literally helped me on EVERY step of the process and designed most of what you see on the site! Seriously, I owe her! She is such an awesome employee and amazing person! I had SEO Pros create my site and they have done such a great job bringing my ideas to life! This has been several months in the works! Lots of blood, sweat and tears- actually no blood.. or tears (which is surprising considering I am pregnant)... but a lot of sweat, so much work has been put into this project and I hope you love the changes we have made!

Not only is the front end of the website new but we have made a lot of changes on the back end as well. We hope that we make the customer shopping experience even better! We designed the site to be easier to shop on, better images, better descriptions, faster and easier checkout! Once we receive your order we are working hard to get the orders shipping out by the next business day in some super cute packaging! We have an amazing customer service team waiting to answer questions and make sure you are heard!

I have learned SO much over the years and have tried my very best to apply that knowledge into the re-branding of my boutique! My business is all about YOU as the customer because it wouldn't be a business without YOU!! I am forever grateful for each and every order! You are the reason I am where I am today! I sincerely hope you love all the changes we have made and if you don't, let me know! This is a consistent work in progress!

Again, THANK YOU and enjoy the new site!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

BB Styled

 Obviously, most of my wardrobe is from BB Styled! Half the time when buying for the boutique I want the item so I buy it in and put the rest on the site. This was the case with this jacket!

Check out all the New Arrives on the site:

Friday, January 19, 2018

Summer Catch Up

More Summer outfit catch up posts! Hopefully it will just make you excited for warmer weather in the next few months?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Beet it

Denim skirt? In January? In Utah??? Even though, last week it was almost 60 degrees here in Utah I didn't wear a denim skirt... I'm just really behind on blogging so hold tight while I try to catch up! I will do my best to find items I wore but unfortunately most will be sold out or no longer available! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lulu and Roo

 Get ready for cuteness overload...

Shop Lulu and Roo has been one of our favorite brands for a couple years now. The material is ultra-soft and the prints are beyond cute! Tatum has actually been wearing this brand since day one when we brought him home from the hospital so I am sure this won't be the last time you see this brand pop up on our blog!

FYI- most of their summer styled items are on sale right now so be sure to stock up! Then you will have to check out all the new Fall arrivals! I am dying over how cute they are!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Boho Vibes.

I find myself planning an entire outfit around these shoes because I love them so much! I am love that they are universal and I will be able to wear them until it snows here. For now, I am soaking up the fact that I get to wear skirts for a little bit longer with them. 

 Skirt / Shoes / Hat / Bag

Monday, July 3, 2017

Casual 'Go-To'

Shorts and a tee have been my 'go-to' all summer long. It's quick, easy & comfortable which makes it the ideal outfits for almost any activity. I love add simple touches (like the watch and belt) to make it really complete the look.