Monday, October 20, 2014

Juice Cleanse.. Take Two!

If you follow me on Instagram you would've seen me post about starting a juice cleanse a few weeks ago. I told everyone that as soon as the cleanse was over that I would blog about it... Well, that didn't happen & here is why....

I searched for a brand of organic, cold-press juice for my juice cleanse. Suja was the first brand I stumbled across and after reading some good reviews I decide to get a 3 days cleanse for myself and a 3 day cleanse for my husband, who agreed to try it with me. 

Day 1: I woke up and tried my first juice. I was barley able to drink it!! I knew it wasn't going to taste like a jamba juice, but I had no idea it was going to taste that bad!! I convinced myself that the next juice would be better so I didn't have to finish my current juice. Well, the next one was just as bad. I called my husband who was having a similar experience with the juice but we decided to try to tough it out. When 5:00 rolled around I had maybe drinking a total of one juice.. I would open a juice try it and not be able to finish it. I had no energy. I was dying for some food. My husband came home and felt the exact same way so we both decided we had had enough and it was time to call it quits with this juice cleanse. I really wanted to finish the cleanse but I knew I didn't have it in me to. We ended up throwing away 4 full days worth of juice because the taste was so bad. 

 So I decided not to blog about the juice cleanse because I didn't finish it and decided I wouldn't have much of a good input on juice cleansing.


I kept reading up on the benefits of juice cleansing and how it is a great way to detoxify your body. So I began researching other organic, cold pressed juices. I came across Just Organic Juice which is a smaller company based out of Utah. The reviews always were great so I decided to give it a try. This time I only ordered one Just Cleanse for myself, because I didn't want to end up wasting a bunch of juices again.

Day 1: To my surprise this juice wasn't bad at all! Of course, it didn't taste like a milk shake but it was actually fairly good! With each juice I would open it and debate even trying it because I could still remember the taste of the first ones but every time I was pleasantly surprised with the taste! 

After making it through day one I was feeling very accomplished & knew the hard part was over. The next two days went well and I finished the 3 Day Juice Cleanse (without even cheating, WAHOO!)

I loved feeling like I was giving my body what it needed! The Juice Cleanse helped with my sugar cravings and gave me more energy!! And it was a great jump start with getting back to eating clean!

So if you are in Utah (Just Organic Juice only is available to Utahn residents at this time) then I high recommend Just Organic Juice!!

((& I am sure Suja is great for some people, just not for me!))

Transition to Fall

Transferring your wardrobe from Summer to Fall can be a challenge sometimes. I try to jump right into fleece leggings, boots & oversized sweaterse only to find the weather isn't quite cold enough for all that. This outfit is perfect for the cooler weather. The colors along with the boots and scarf give it a Fall Vibe, while the skirt and crop top keep you from dressing too warm. 

& this location?? GORGEOUS! Utah is such a pretty place to live.

Top: Forever 21, similar here & here
Skirt: Express
Scarf: Buckle, similar
Boots: Nordstroms, similar
Boot Warmers: BB Styled (FREE with coupon code FREE at checkout)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Comfy Chic

 If you haven't picked up a pair of jogger pants then you need to! These pants are perfect for lazy Sundays, hanging out or any time you just want to be relaxed while remaining stylish! I paired it with a loose fitting tee and fun flip flops for ultimate comfort!

Top: Express
Pants: Express
Flip Flops: Buckle, last season
Sunglasses: Coach

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Skipping Pebbles

 I try to put my little man into blog post photos as much as I can, but lets face it.. He is a boy that does NOT like his photo being taken. After bribing him with a treat we finally got some good ones though! Hopefully he will get a little more comfortable in front of the camera so we can get so cute shots of him!

The day we took these photos (about a week ago) up at Tibble Fork we FREEZING in our Fall attire! Today it was 85 degrees! So if my outfit posts seem a little confused one what season it is, that is because Utah is always confused as to what season it is.

Titan's Outfit:
Hoodie: Gap
Vest: Gap
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Converse

McKi's Outfit:
Sweater: H&M
Pants: Pac Sun
Shoes: BB Styled Boutique

Curling your hair with NO heat! (Video Tutorial)

 It's been a minute since I have posted a tutorial but I am super excited about this one! I am about to show you how you can get luscious curls without using ANY heat! No curling irons or straighteners!

I came across Savvy Curls Headbands at Swiss Days. For those of you unfamiliar with Swiss Days, it is an event where you can set up booths to sell homemade items. They usually have the cutest items that are all homemade from locals! I came across the Savvy Curls Booth and fell in love with the idea of this headband curling your hair without using any heat so I knew I had to try it! To my surprise it worked better than expected! Both, Laikynn & myself, had achieved the perfect curl without using any heat at all! Here is how you do it!

First you start with clean, damp hair and apply a little bit of Moose. 

Next, Place the headband on top of your head.

Grab a section of hair..

& start wrapping!

Wrapping the hair can usually be done in a matter of minutes. 

 Then wait for it to dry! Oh, did I mention you can sleep with it?? I will put this in Laikynn's hair at night right before bed and she will wake up with curls!! 

We also did a video tutorial in case you are better at tutorials with a video instead of photos! 

You can purchase the Savvy Curls Headband on their website HERE ! They too have a video tutorial on how to apply the headband! 


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The ending of Summer.

I love the Lake so I thought we would get some photos of it on the blog before it turned to ice! I am very excited for Fall Fashion, but can't help but feel a little bit sadden by the ending of the warm weather!

Please don't hate me, but I can not remember where I purchased this skirt! If I do end up finding it I will be sure to let you all know!

Top: BB Styled