Saturday, November 5, 2016

Off The Shoulder

 A couple months ago I was in Vegas for work. Whenever I am there I always head to the Mall to shop stores that we don't have at my local mall. Free People is always one of my first stops. I walked in and the first thing I was this top, absolutely stunning. And as soon as I realized how convenient it would be to nurse in, it became a MUST!

Gold Micheal Kors.. dreamy. 

McKi Outfit:
Top // Jeans // Purse // Shoes


Wednesday, September 28, 2016


 (n.) Mom-be: A sleep deprived supermom who feeds on caffeine and survives on sticky kisses and messy smiles. Mombies are master multi-taskers and suck it uppers.

Still Rad totally nails it with this mombie tee. I think all new moms actually all moms in general need this tee because I am pretty sure we can all relate!

Let's use this mombie shirt to create a post on how I am handling becoming a mom of 3! I was super nervous to be completely out numbered. The thought of going to the grocery store alone with all 3 kids sounded like quite the challenge to me. But to my surprise I haven't been completely overwhelmed... yet

My kids are pretty spaced out (three years between the first two and four years between the last two) and I think that helps out a lot. The older kids can manage simple tasks while I am busy feeding Tatum and changing his diapers, which is another plus- only one in diapers. Laikynn's big sister instincts have kicked in and she is the first one to pop in Tatum's binky when he is upset or say cute little things like "Oh you so cute! Yes, you are!" (imagine her little voice in the highest pitch she can do about an inch away from poor Tatum's face, ha)! I don't know if training for shows created all these crazy prepping habbits or just the stress from the first few weeks of 3 kids but they are really helping. I literally prep for everything in life now.

oh, AND I take full advantage of the carts that are as long as a bus when dragging all 3 kids to go grocery shopping. Those help a lot.

Of course there are days where I could use a break, but for the most part I feel like I can handle all the craziness! I actually think it's God's way of tricking me into thinking I can handle another one here soon.

Back to Fashion- this Free People Jacket is a MUST this Fall!
 You're welcome.

And let's talk about these mules. Mules/Booties are the PERFECT Mom Shoe for moms who still want to add some designer fashion to their wardrobe but want to stay comfortable. They have a good chunk of a heel that isn't too high.

Speaking of shoes and camo.. Mommy's Little Sunshine has thee cutest little Moccs for FREE! 
Just enter coupon code FREEBIE at checkout on

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Aden + Anais

Tatum is officially 2 months old! He is growing like a weed! Every where we go people guess that he is a 4 or 5 month old because he is so big! He is in the 80% for his height & 40% for his weight! I just can't get enough kisses from his little chubby cheeks!

I have gotten so many questions about Tatum's cute blankets (same brand as the black/white ones we had in the hospital). They are Aden + Anais! Not only do they have the cutest patterns but they are the softest blankets! They make the perfect swaddle! If you have a little one on the way this is another must have baby item!

Solly Baby Wrap

Shopping & Household chores just got easier! Does your little one ever have those moments where they just don't want to be put down? Well now you don't have to put them down, yet you can be hands free with this darling Solly Baby Wrap! I love having Tatum snuggled up close to me but still have the freedom to be able to get things done! And Laikynn wanted to be just like mommy and hold her "real baby" in a wrap too, so we are so glad Solly Baby makes mini ones too!

The other day Laikynn told me "Tatum is so cute I just want to steal him!" She just loves her little brother!

I am also loving this Loyal Hana Top! It is nursing friendly and has hidden zippers on the side! They have the cutest nursing tops!

BB Styled Style.

Finding nursing friendly fashion can be difficult, especially when it comes to dresses! I love the lace up from on this dress that makes it easy to nurse, and i just love this style in general even if I wasn't nursing! 

Dress (Black, Burgundy, Olive) // Bag // Shoes


I love sharing all of these new products with all of you! I wish I could have had them with all of my babies because they make life so much easier! 

Little Tatum has already traveled a couple times in his two month life and one thing I always bring with us is his Dockatot! It makes traveling with an infant so much better! I just lay his little bed on mine and I can sleep right next to him knowing that no one will roll onto him at night! While we were in Lake Powell we squished 4 of us into a full size bed and little Tatum did great in-between us in his Dockatot! If you are a co-sleeper this product is definitely for you! He loves it so much that we actually put it in his bassinet at night so he feels nice and cozy!

When traveling on an airline with the Dockatot I just folder it up and put it in my carry on!


Are you ready for my #1 MUST HAVE Baby Product?? 
The Owlet Monitor  wins by a landslide. I wish I had this product with my other two, because I can not tell you the how many times I would wake up in the middle of the night just to check to see if my baby was breathing. I was so paranoid that something might happen in the middle of the night to them that I would lose sleep over it. Now I can sleep with peace of mid that this monitor is watching over my sweet little guy and will alert me if anything goes wrong!

So what is the Owlet Monitor? It is that cute little sock you see on Tatum's foot. Although it doesn't look like much it is monitoring Tatum's heart rate and oxygen levels. It would alert me on my phone and on a pod that is next to my bed with an alarm if he wasn't getting a normal reading. You know that little clip they put on your finger when you are at the hospital to monitor your levels? The owlet uses the same pulse oximetry technology. 

I highly recommend this product to all mamas! If you have ever brought a baby home from the hospital you will know why this product is my number one must have! 
PS. I could just kiss his cute little face all day long! I can't get enough of him!!