Sunday, March 29, 2015

NPC Bikini Show: March 2015

 I'm finally getting around to posting all about my show! What a total rush it was!!

Since I have done an NPC show before I knew a little more what to expect going into the show. I had my nerves under control and was ready for the day to be here. We started the day with pre-judging, which is where you are actually judged and given scores. I am 5'9, I knew I would be in the tallest height category. During pre-judging you walk out individually, do your routine then all the competitors stand next to each other for a side by side comparison.

The last show I did I got 3rd place in Open Bikini, so my main goal going into the show was to beat my last show placing in Open Bikini. A pretty high goal but I felt like I could do it.. That was until I got to the show. When you are backstage all of the girls are super nice, but you can't help but to look every girl up and down because after all they are your competition out there. The girls looked amazing, literally AMAZING!! Everyone had put so much dedication into their training and it showed. I was number 96 (there were 97 Bikini girls) so I got to watch pretty much all the girls go before me, which made me nervous. They all rocked the stage with their rocking bodies. I started to get more and more nervous waiting for my turn.

During pre-judging, they do what they call 'Call Outs' where they pick the top ten girls and call them forward for a side by side comparison. Then they start to shift you all around making you trade spots with other competitors so the judges can see you next to others. Usually during the shifting of the girls they put the top 5 girls in the middle of the stage, the closer you are to the middle usually means the higher you place.

I was so relieved when they called my name for the call out. But shortly after they called us forwarded, they moved me all the way to the outside. At the point in time, my heart sank a little. Now, I know the show is about bettering yourself and it is just a trophy. But I had a goal to beat my last placing and by moving to the outside I didn't think I reached that goal. Within seconds of them moving me to the outside, they then moved me back in (closer to the middle but not quite the middle). It made me want to really prove to the judges that I deserved to be where I was standing. I hit my poses harder and gave it everything I had. Walking off the stage, I felt pretty discouraged. I honestly didn't think I even placed top 5. I even told Devan to tell all of our family and friends that had planned on coming to watch me later that night, not to come. I thought it was pointless for them to come because they would hardly see me on stage if I didn't place. He gave me a little pep talk and let me know that no one really cared how I placed they just wanted to come support me.

My coach had told me that morning that if I finished by 1:30 I would be able to go eat a hamburger in between pre-judging and the night show. If I finished by then, I could have a good 4 hours to digest the food and wouldn't have a 'food baby' up on stage if I were to go up for the Overall. (The Overall is where they take all the first place winners and pick one Overall winner.) I finally got done with judging at 3:30 so my coach told me to stick to chicken and rice and not go out for the hamburger... I turned to Devan and told him we were going to get the burger because there was no way that I placed First.

You are at the show from about 9:00 in the morning till 9:00 at night, so there is SO much waiting around!

Going into the night show I was still a little disappointed in myself. I started to think about everything I could have done better to be better for the show. Somehow I managed to pull it together to show some confidence on stage.

I stood in the very back when they were calling the top 5 numbers to go on stage. I wanted to be the first one out of there when they didn't call my number. To my surprise they called my number and the five of us went out on stage. They start with calling out 5th place so I was ready for my name to be called first. I was seriously in shock as they called the numbers.. (did they skip me??) What a crazy experience and feeling as they called my number for First Place!!! WHAT?? I was seriously freaking out!! (The video of it is pretty funny, ha) As all of the other girls gracefully walked off stage I pretty much ran! I couldn't contain my excitement!! I just ran over to my coach and hubby who were cheering me on from the side of the stage!

My coach was quick to remind me that I had to hurry back out on stage because I was now going up for the Overall. I told him at the point in time that MAYBE the hamburger really was a bad idea, ha! I didn't get the overall but honestly what an honor to even be able to compete for that title!

It was a crazy, eventful day! All of the hard work I put into the show paid off!

This guy here is the main reason I was able to compete. He was there supporting me every step of the way. He went to almost every evening workout with me, helped with the kids through my crazy training schedule and had to deal with eating Talia every night for the last two weeks because I had no energy to make two different dinners!

I owe a SUPER big thank you to Gnarly Nutrition for sponsoring me for the show! I found out about Gnarly over two years ago and have been using their products ever since. When I finally committed to competing in another show I knew I wanted a great sponsor with a product a really believed in. I reached out to Gnarly and was thrilled when they accepted!! I used their supplements every day of training and I know they played a big part in my success! (You can still use coupon code MCKINLI15 for 15% off your purchase at if you are wanting to try them out!)

Another big thank you goes to my Coach, Nick Olsen! I started working with Nick 9 weeks out from my show! With Nick he pretty much trained me online. I would send him my progress pictures every week and he would give me my food and workout plan depending on how my body was reacting to the previous weeks plan. (So when you ask me what my meal plan is and I tell you it changes every week, that is why!) I think it is SO important to have a trainer you can trust wither you are training for a show or just trying to get in better shape. You need someone who not only knows what they are doing but someone who will motivate you to do better. Having to send in my progress photos and measurements every week really motivated me to do better. Nick would give me tips, tricks and answer any questions I had during my training which took away a guessing game that most people try. If you are in the market you an amazing coach/trainer I highly recommend Nick! & since he does most of his training online, you don't even have to live close! & He not only trains fitness competitors but anyone who is looking to better themselves! I talked with Nick before posting this to see if he could offer some type of discount for my readers & he is offering you all 15% off (1 time use)! Honestly, I've never heard of him giving out a discounted rate to anyone so this is a SWEET deal! Just let him know that I referred you and he can apply the discount to the training plan you select! :) You can contact him on his website, .

Another thank you goes out to our Team Fit Crew! It was so fun to have a team backstage to practice and hang out with while we waited for our turns to go out on stage. Not only that but we all motivated each other throughout the entire training process! Team Fit Crew is made up of all the people who are all training with nick. Check us out on Facebook.

At lastly, I want to thank everyone who came to support me the day of my show!! Even though at first I didn't want anyone there, I am so glad they all came!

& brought me yummy treats that I missed eating over the 9 weeks of training!
 Speaking of treats.. Cheesecake factory after the show was a MUST!

I started my next fitness journey last week! I am training for a National Show! (What??) This is the second time I have qualified for a National Show so I really want to do one this time! The show is in Vegas the last week of July so I am about 4 months out. I loved working with Nick for my last show so I decided to have him train me for the next 4 months as well. ((Side Note: Devan is also very into fitness. He doesn't ever want to compete but he is always trying to become a healthier person. With my 2013 show, Devan wasn't impressed. He almost didn't want me to do another show because he didn't think what I was putting my body through was healthy. When I told him about Nick and they way he trains people he told me to give it a shot if I thought it was right. We were both SO impressed with how Nick trained me. Throughout the process he was most concerned about my health, rather than my placing in the show. So again, I highly recommend him.)) I am starting to bulk right now and I am so excited to do this! With both my shows, I trained for about 9 weeks so I didn't have a lot of time to put on muscle before I started cutting out fat. So I am excited to see my body transform and put on some muscle!!

Follow my journey on here or Instagram! I will try to keep you all up to date as much as I can! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Little Cub.

Loved By Hannah and Eli is making it's way back to the blog again! I think this Mama Bear hoodie is my new fav! We wore these hoodies to the mall last weekend & got so many fun compliments!
We ❤ them!

Yoga Wear.

 If you are anything like me, when shopping online you select your clothing decisions almost 100% on what it looks like. That was the case with this matching top and mat set! I thought it was just a perfect, boho chic look so I selected it! Once I got it in the mail I then realized what AMAZING quality it is! Seriously, one of the softest materials I've ever felt.

All you yoga and fitness lovers need to check out Stelari! I'm in love with all the styles!!

Top // Yoga Mat

National Show Plans! Yay!

My NPC Show was a little over a week ago (I should have a full post up about the show once I get my photos back). I trained for 8 weeks for the show, meaning no sugar, white flour or junk for an entire 8 weeks. So the second my show was over you better believe I started to eat every ounce of sugar I missed out on over those 8 weeks. It was so yummy for the first few bites but by the end of the night I was SO sick (yes, I knew that was going to happen but I had to attempt it). The next day I woke up feeling better and decided to give sugar one more chance.. I got even more sick to my stomach!! My body is at a point now where it goes in freak out mode when I eat too much junk so instead of forcing body back to my old ways I decided to stick to the new life style I have created.

When you first start eating clean it is hard, I will be the first to admit. Cravings are in full force and it takes everything in you to just say no! But it does get easier. Two days after my show I walked into a pastry shop to order my daughters birthday cake, I was finally off my diet plan and able to pick anything in there to eat. As I looked around the shop I knew that the cookies and cupcakes would probably make me sick again and they honestly didn't appeal to me as much as they did in the past. Instead of picking out an extra treat for myself, I just ordered the cake and enjoyed a slice on her birthday. Moderation is the key people. And it is so much easier to eat in moderation when you are eating clean the rest of the time!

I am so excited to tell you all that I'm not stopping now! For my 2013 show, I did the show and went right back to eating unhealthy and not working out. I don't want to go down that path again and have to start from square one. I have already created a habit of eating clean and working out daily so I am going to stick to it! My plan is to compete in a National Show at the end of July in Vegas!! I am about 4 months out from that which means I am going to be bulking for the next little bit. Both of the shows I did I started training 8 weeks out and never really had time to put on a lot of muscle. I am very excited to see what lifting weights will do for my body!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


 We had a fun little shoot with Ivy & Stone Photography and the photos turned out darling! What is cuter than a pineapple, a guitar, a VW Bus and this little ray of sunshine?? 

Laikynn's Fringe Dress is from Mommy's Little Sunshine! It is new and hasn't hit the site yet, but it should be up within the next week or two! So be on the look out for that!

This Crochet Vest is new & should be hitting BB Styled site soon! It was one of my favorite picks from Magic!