Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I got a lot of requests to do a blog post on what supplements work for me, so here you are my friends… 

Now, before I give you my list PLEASE remember supplements are suppose to SUPPLEMENT your meals. Vitamins and other dietary supplements cannot replace all of the nutrients and benefits of whole food. They are there to help with nutrition gaps in your diet but it is not your ticket to good health. "The power is in the plate, not in a pill".

Let's start with vitamins...

Daily Multi-Vitamin: I take one a day. I get my Multivitamin from my doctor who prescribed me one a few years back but you can get one almost anywhere. A multivitamin can help fill in for any nutrition gaps.

Fish Oil: I take one with breakfast and one with dinner.  A lot of the benefit of fish oil seems to come from the omega-3 fatty acids that it contains. The body does not produce its own omega-3 fatty acids, nor can the body make omega-3 fatty acids from omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce pain and swelling. It also relates to healthy heart and blood system. As well as MANY more benefits!

Vitamin C: I take one a day. The benefits of vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.

Now let's move on to Dietary Supplements... 

When it comes to selecting supplements you have to know what is important to YOU! When I was looking for supplements I wanted something that was all natural (the way nature intended it) GMO free ingredients and no artificial colors flavors or sweeteners. I also wanted something that actually tasted good! In my meal plan I am taking these supplements everyday so I want something that I can take on a daily basis, without having to choke it down! Now I am not sure if you have ever tried to find a supplement like this but it is a little hard to find. Either you find a protein that taste good and is full of artificial flavors/sweeteners or you find an all-natural one and it doesn't taste good, like at all. 

I discovered Gnarly Nutrition about 2 years and completely fell in love with their products and have been using them ever since. Here are the supplements I use that help me with my prep (& everyday life, ha)!


A good pre workout allows you to get 100% out of your workout. How often do you drag yourself to the gym and have just about no energy? Pre-Workouts help give me the energy I need to make it through my last few sets or run that last few minutes. 

Right now, I am doing cardio 5 days a week and lifting weight 6 days a week (yep, 2-a days most days). I take my pre-workout before cardio and before weights. I have tried SO many pre-workouts! My husband is a ‘pre-workout junkie’ and used to bring home different brands all the time.  Now we both take PUMP from Gnarly. In Pump there is Nitric Oxide Booster (helps increase blood flow and helps you work out longer), Creatine (helps give your muscles energy for muscle contraction & gets you lean muscle mass) and Green Tea Extract (which is a natural source of caffeine and stimulates metabolism and boosts energy levels)

Post Workout:

For my Post Workout, I take a BCAA Supplement (Branched Chained Amino Acids). A lot of people take protein after they work out which is great; but I just take my protein at a different time of the day. BBCAAs have been found to improve the rate of protein synthesis when combined with resistance training.  This means accelerated muscle growth and maintenance. Making BCAAs constantly available to your body will help you recuperate and your muscle to recover so you can get back at it again and again – leading to greater strength and progress.


I am currently eating 5 meals a day. I am doing this to fuel my body and give it the energy it needs to support my heavy strength training. For two of my meals I get a protein supplement, either a protein bar or a protein shake. Protein helps provide additional energy for your muscles while accelerating protein synthesis allowing for muscle building and preventing muscle breakdown. Additionally protein aids in muscle recovery and healing.

If I choose a Protein Bar I usually pick a Quest Bar. It has an awesome taste (I love all the flavors, but chocolate peanut butter is my fav). 

If I choose a Protein Shake I always grab my Gnarly Whey Protein. I usually prefer to do the protein shake to the protein bar; the reasoning being Gnarly sources their protein from New Zealand so it is high quality whey. It’s clean of Hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. The cattle are grass fed and manage humanely. & Trust me that impacts the flavor of the protein and how the protein is digested and assimilated by your body.

That is all the supplements I am on currently for the March NPC Show. This is what I have been consulted to do by a certified nutritionist and what is working for ME. Adding these to your diet  (I assume) will help as well; just make sure you research whatever you decide to do! 

I love Gnarly so much that I contacted them to see if there is any way I could get a coupon code for my followers! & I am thrilled to let you know they are giving you all 15% off by using coupon code MCKINLI15 at check out! They even have little sample packs for sale if you just want to try it!


I know so many of my followers have asked what I recommend when it comes to loosing weight. Right now, I am not taking this because I don't need to lose weight but rather gain weight. If you are needing to slim down, I HIGHLY Recommend Gnarly Slim! It is made of the best ingredients to not only help you keep calories down, but to actually give your body ingredients and nutrients it needs to help build a stronger, fitter you!  So be sure to check that out if you are in the market! :)

Keep the questions coming!! If I don't know the answer I can ask my coach as well! 

Enjoy you day lovelies! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

NPC Training Week 2.

Week two went really well. I had major carb cravings this week & it took just about everything in me to resist the temptation of pizza.... burgers.... fries.... and Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich (HA). Although in the moment it is tough to see people at work (or even my hubby) eating fast food, after you resist it and choose a healthier option it really makes you feel so much better! Not just from the health benefits of the food, but because YOU chose to make a healthier choice. 

Here is this weeks measurements:

 Weight: 121
Waist: 25.5 in
Hip: 35.5 in
Quad: 19 in
Arm: 10 in

I lost 5 lbs so far!! WAHOO! (I know, I am about to gain it all back in muscle but it is still a big accomplishment!) Also, my waist went down and my quads went up, which is something I am working SO hard at!! If you know anything about NPC Bikini Competitions, then you know it is all about the legs and bootay. & Honestly, that is what I work hardest to build! So I am glad my legs are finally gaining some muscle. Everything else will hopefully start changing a little too. I have to keep reminding myself over & over (& over) again, that my body isn't going to change overnight but the end result will be worth it! 

I'm off too bed so I can wake up at 4:45 (YIKES) to hit some cardio! Be on the look out for tomorrow's blog post regarding supplements. It seems most of you want info on my supplements and meal plans so I will tackle them one at a time in two seperate blog posts. 

Have a good night! 


These shirts are the CUTEST!! Can I get an AMEN??

((Seriously love this girl to pieces!!))

Sweatshirts: Trilogy Design Co. // Mommy Leggings: BB Styled //
Kids Leggings: Mommy's Little Sunshine

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Don't Kill Our Vibe.

 I have always been a lover of quotes, so it is no wonder that I just love graphic tees. Seriously, some of the cutest sayings and quotes get put on tees.. just like this one!!

Don't Kill My Vibe

These cute tees are from Enjoy Essential & if you love them just as much as we do then you are in luck! She is offering 20% off to all my readers!! Just use coupon code MCKINLI at check out!

Wishing you all good weekend vibes!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Shop Lulu & Roo

 Somehow these cute photos got posted on Instagram and I totally forgot to blog them!!

This DARLING outfit is from Shop Lulu & Roo, & honestly it is one of our favorites! Laikynn wears this outfit at least once a week and every time she does people stop to ask where it is from. It is also super comfy for her to wear which is a big bonus!

NPC Training Week 1.

 This was the first week of training for my NPC Bikini Show in March. This time around seems to be a lot easier for me. My sugar cravings are pretty much gone, which is usually really hard for me. (I have a big sweet tooth and LOVE soda pop!)

But honestly, I missed this! I missed eating out of a Tupperware for my meals and being sore from working out. While you may be giving up some of your favorite sugary treats, you gain a lot more benefits! Working out and eating clean makes me feel energized throughout the entire day, it makes it easier for me to fall asleep at night, it makes me feel organized & gets me on a good schedule and it is actually a huge stress reliever!

Here is this weeks photos and stats. For some reason these photos are really bad quality. Someone needs to teach me how to directly upload photos from my photo to my computer without having to email them, ha!

Weight: 123
Waist: 27 in
Hip: 35.5 in
Quad: 18 in
Arm: 10 in

Now before you start with the "You need to eat a cookie" , "You look fine now, I don't know why you would want to loose weight" or the "You need to gain about 15 pounds" comments, I would like to say a little something.. I am doing this show to become more healthy and build muscle. By going and 'eating a cookie' that would go completely against what I am trying to do. (& honestly, if I did go eat a cookie I don't think I would look any different. Naturally I have a thin body type and I am still young so my metabolism is on my side.) I actually want to GAIN weight by building muscle so cookies are not going to do that for me. Gaining muscle is actually really hard with for someone with my body type, even when I do gain muscle you can hardly tell because of my tall height and long muscles. & When I eat clean I am not only doing that for myself but for my family. I make dinners that are organic with low calories, sodium & sugars to benefit my kids. I want them to lead a long, healthy life so by building these healthy habits at this age will really help them in the long run. 

I am excited to share my experience with you all and hope to inspire you (whatever your goals may be) to do them!

Now which blog posts do you want to see first?? Work outs (if so, at home work outs or gym work outs)? Meal planning (A weeks meal prep or recipes)?? Supplements (vitamins, proteins & pre workouts)?? Or is there something else you would like to know?? Just leave a comment here or send me a quick email :)

Have a good night! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Avocado Salmon Recipe.

 Meal prep is in full force here at our house. Finding meals I can eat is familiarly simple... Finding meals both myself and the kids will eat is a little more challenging.

My coach gives me a weeks worth of meal planning at a time. Depending on how my body reacted to the previous weeks meal plan is how we judge what I should eat the next week. This past week my meal 5 (dinner time) was lean protein and a half of avocado. Salmon is always a go to in my house, the children LOVE it (as do I). I searched Pinterest for a recipe involving salmon and avocado that was healthy or that I could make healthy on my own. With my meal plan I am allowed 0 calorie seasoning only... so my options are pretty limited.

I found this yummy Salmon and Avocado Recipe and tried it out.. SO YUMMY!!!

What you Need:
Wild Salmon
1 Avocado
Onion (I use about 1/4 an onion)
Lime Juice
Mrs Dash Seasoning: Lemon Pepper
Cilantro (we don't love cilantro at our house so we didn't use this)

First start with Wild Salmon cut into piece. Sprinkle on some Mrs Dash Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Mrs Dash seasoning is awesome because it is all 0 calories. Bake Salmon according to thickness, ours was 12-14 minutes at 400 degrees.

Cut up your avocado and onion.

Mix them together and add in the lime juice, as much as you'd like.

Then you put it on top of the salmon. Seriously, so yummy!


& Don't worry, I have more meal prep information coming you way!