Saturday, October 20, 2012

A little bit of pink.

 These pictures are from a mentoring session a few weeks ago with Shine Photography. She needed a model to teach a class so I got a few fun pictures. These sunglasses are SO in right now and you can grab a pair for under $10 at Target. Also the high top shorts are really big right now. It took me a minute to jump on board with this trend but I am definitely glad I did. Such a fun outfit. 

 Sunglasses: Target
Earrings: Forever 21
Shirt: Bhome
Shorts: Cotton On
Shoes: Sperry

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Candy Calories

As I walked into the gym today I saw a big poster that said..
"The average person gains 10-35 pounds during the holiday season."
That is SO much, I couldn't believe it. 

Then as I was driving home the radio started talking about how many calories were in "fun sized" candy. I also couldn't believe it. Since I have started this new super healthy health kick I have been reading all the labels on what I eat and some of them are so surprising! I decided to go home and research how many calories were in all different types of candy for Halloween. REMEMBER these are just the fun sized candy. After looking it up I am not sure I want to even know how much is in a regular size or even worse King Size!!

Dress up your hoodie

This past weekend I went to the Demolition Derby. It was outside on bleachers so I wanted to wear something warm and comfy. My first thought was a hoodie. I still wanted to dress it up a little bit though, so I decided to throw a cute leather jacket over top and pull the hood out. I then paired it with some cute skinnys and boots!

I am also wearing this darling necklaces. It is one of my favorites because it has both of my kids' names on it.

White tank: Target
Hoodie: Kholes
Leather Jacket: Forever 21
Skinny Jeans: Buckle
Boots: Forever Young Shoes
Necklace: Etsy

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Color Jean Jacket

 I think I love colored jean jackets just as much as I love colored jeans. When I saw this jacket I absolutely fell in love with it. 

My latest favorite accessory is my boyfriend watch! LOVE it!

Colored Jacket: Charlotte Russe
White tank: Chalotte Russe
Jeans: Big Star from Buckle (almost all of my jeans will be from buckle, it is one of the only stores that carry long and extra long in length for my long legs ha!)
Watch: Dillards 
Boots: TJ Max
Belt: Bohme
Earrings Bohme

Monday, October 8, 2012

New blog!

Many of you may know me from my blog Mommy's Little Sunshine.
And many of you are the reason for my NEW blog!
♥ (thank you!)

I have gotten so many questions about my wardrobe, hair, make up and work out plan after the baby. Everyone has seemed to be very interested in blog posts and video tutorials. And instead of combining it with the children fashion and mommy blog, I decided to create another one.

Make Over with McKi

This blog is geared towards fashion and fitness. I will be blogging outfit of the day, hair and make up tutorials, my journey to getting my body back after baby number 2 and SO much more! 

So be sure to "Follow" this blog to see all the new posts!