Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Candy Calories

As I walked into the gym today I saw a big poster that said..
"The average person gains 10-35 pounds during the holiday season."
That is SO much, I couldn't believe it. 

Then as I was driving home the radio started talking about how many calories were in "fun sized" candy. I also couldn't believe it. Since I have started this new super healthy health kick I have been reading all the labels on what I eat and some of them are so surprising! I decided to go home and research how many calories were in all different types of candy for Halloween. REMEMBER these are just the fun sized candy. After looking it up I am not sure I want to even know how much is in a regular size or even worse King Size!!


  1. OH MY GOD! That's insane! I defiantly will not be "quality checking" my kids candy this year!

  2. Doesn't that make you naucious to see the amount of calories in those "Fun Size" bars! Sometimes its nice to indulge a little in our favorite foods, but it's not good to over indulge!! Thanks for the eye opening calories though! :)



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