Monday, October 8, 2012

New blog!

Many of you may know me from my blog Mommy's Little Sunshine.
And many of you are the reason for my NEW blog!
♥ (thank you!)

I have gotten so many questions about my wardrobe, hair, make up and work out plan after the baby. Everyone has seemed to be very interested in blog posts and video tutorials. And instead of combining it with the children fashion and mommy blog, I decided to create another one.

Make Over with McKi

This blog is geared towards fashion and fitness. I will be blogging outfit of the day, hair and make up tutorials, my journey to getting my body back after baby number 2 and SO much more! 

So be sure to "Follow" this blog to see all the new posts!



  1. This excites meeeeeeeeee!!!! You go girl

  2. Really excited for this blog! :) I have a question I've been wondering...what skin care products do you use? What is your daily and nightly skin care routine?


  3. hello! im new to your blogs but ive read through all your weekly pregnancy chalkboards and now your new blog here... you are gorgeous and made pregnancy look so easy! :) i would love to hear about your journey of staying fit and fashionable throughout and getting back in shape afterwards. im kind of scared about this part of having a baby! lol

  4. Thank u for inspiring me! God will use you in a mighty way! Love all the do u curl your hair?! Its gorgeous! Have a super day.