Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bad Day Boarding!

 This Christmas I got a new snowboarding. We actually purchased it way back on Black Friday so I have been dying to try it out. I snowboarded a bunch growing up but hadn't been in a few years. Devan is a really big snowboarder and has been for many years! So we were both really excited to go for the first time this year! We also got TONS of snow these past few days!

We also went up with 3 of Devan's friends. Here are two of them, the other was running a little late. 

So after taking a bunch of pictures we headed up the ski lift. We started going down the mountain, about half way down the hill Devan decided he wanted to teach me a few things. I tried it out and ended up catching an edge. I went to catch myself by putting my hands out (even though I have been told a million times not to) and fell right on my wrist. The second I fell the next words that came out of my mouth were "Devan I broke my wrist". 

I laid there for about 10 minutes hoping the pain would stop but it didn't. I told Devan I could ride down the hill with it but that we should probably have it looked at. 

The ski patrol looked at it and told me I should be done for the day so I could go get it x-rayed. They wrapped it up and we headed to the doctor.

We got to the Urgent Care and got some X-rays, which was SO painful. They confirmed my wrist was in fact broken. :(

I am now in a soft cast for 3 days until the swelling goes down. Then I have to get a cast for 6-8 weeks. My wrist actually broke in a few different places. Right now all the bones are still in alinement so they don't  have to do surgery but if they move at all in the next few days I might have to get surgery! So I am crossing my fingers that that won't happen.

So blogging for the next little bit might get put on hold because typing with one hand, which happens to be my left hand is pretty hard!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baby it's cold outside!

Winter is in full force here in Utah! It is very snowy and very cold! 
You pretty much have to wear a coat every where you go. So half the time you don't even get to see the cute outfit underneath. My advice get a super cute coat and pair it with a scarf.

Coat: Buckle
Scarf: Bohme
Pants: Buckle 
Boots: Forever Young

Soft Colors

 I am in love with these soft colors! 

The turquoise/aqua/mint (whatever you would like to call it) is one of my favorite colors, especially to wear. When I saw these pants I fell in love! I love color blocking so I paired it with a peach colored top. Love the soft colors together!!

Top: Buckle
Pants: Buckle, Miss Me
Boots: Forever Young
Watch: Dillards
Necklace: Bohme

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Different Styles

 One of the things I love most about modeling is being able to try on different outfits that you wouldn't normally try on. Some times I will go to model and they bring out the oddest outfits that I would never pick out myself, but once I try them on they end up being super cute!!

I recently modeled for a local Utah Boutique called Bella Ella. They have super cute clothing so I will post some of the pictures from the shoot.

 (Okay, So I absolutely love the boot I am wearing above. I would have probably never tried them on but am glad I did cause I love them!!)


Holiday Party Outfit

We had a family Christmas Party today. I wanted to look dressed up without full on dressing up.. And this is what I came up with!


Shirt: Sexy Modest Boutique
Cardigan: Wet Seal
Leggings: Forever 21
Necklace: Bohme
Boots: Forever Young

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cheetah Print & Skinnys

Everyone loves Cheetah Print and Skinny Jeans, so why not pair them?
Um yes! So cute!

Cheetah Shirt: Bhome
Black Shirt: Victoria Secert
Skinny Jeans: Bhome
Boots: Forever Young 
Watch: Dillards
Necklace: Kneaders (Yes, kneaders is a bakery but they had a cute little booth there with this!)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Over Sized Hoodie

 My husband has always loved the brand Obey. So I finally caved and got myself something from this brand. Perfect for comfy days where you still want to look a little dressed up.

 Hoodie: "OBey" Buckle
Skinny Jeans: Buckle
Earrings: Forever 21

Sexy Modest Boutique

 Not too long ago I  modeled for a local Utah boutique called Sexy Modest. This boutique has some of the cutest clothing and it a real "boutique style", which is pretty much my favorite right now. 

These entire two outfits are from Sexy Modest Boutique. 

I loved this top (above) so much that I ended up purchasing it for our family photo shoot. Many of you asked where I got it. I love how you can style it so many different ways!

Urban/ Hippie

 This is definitely a little different then my "usual" style, but it's fun to mix it up some times, Right?

Headband: Wet Seal
Shorts: Buckle
Belt: Wet Seal
Shirt: Wet Seal
Purse: TJ Max

Little Black Dress

 Here is one of my favorite Little Black Dresses.

Slim fit. Short length. Off one shoulder. Very simple, yet elegant. 
& can accessorize it with over the top jewelry.

Purchased from Forever 21.

The dress even made it's way to the Red Carpet with me. 

POP of Red.

 Some times I love wearing super simple outfits and putting in little splashes of color. 

I did so here with red and I love how it pops.

The A-Line

 So a little over 2 years ago I decided to completely chop my hair. It was unhealthy and I just needed something new. So I decided on an A-Line. I absolutely loved it for the first month or so then decided short hair wasn't for me and I am on a long journey of growing my hair out. 

Some of you may not have known this but I do wear extensions. I decided I couldn't wait long enough so I caved and got them. I love them so much and actually do them myself. (Don't worry that tutorial is already in the works and will be posted soon!) For now, here are some pictures of the A-Line..