Friday, January 18, 2013

30 Day Challenge!

Who's ready for this??
Oh, me!!

I actually started my challenge on Sunday the 13th AND I am doing 50 days instead!
Why 50 instead of 30? Well, I have a Caribbean Cruise in 50 days so I am going to push myself hard until then!

What is a 30 day challenge you ask?? Well I think this question can be answered different with each person. For me it is about the start of a new way of life, to be fit and healthy. I am naturally a thin person and have been all of my life. After having my second child I wasn't liking the way I looked, but I didn't want to go back to the way I was before the babies, I wanted to look even better! 

The Goal:
Everyone needs a goal. It can be pounds to lose, miles to run or an amount of weight to lift. Mine is kind of complicated. I just want to eat healthier and be toned. Which means there is no magically number to compete with but just when I feel like I have reached my goal. 

To give you a basic idea; here are some pictures of me after baby number one. I would like to have a little more muscle and definition then I did here! 

My Diet Plan:
 I don't necessarily like the word diet because everyone refers to it as starving yourself so you can be skinny, which is not the case here. I prefer Clean Eating or Eating Healthy.

Things to Cut Out:
In order to do the 30 day challenge there are a few MAIN things you need to cut out of your daily diet:
-Soda Pop 
(This one is SO hard for me because I am addicted to Mt. Dew, literally.)
-Products with High Sugars
(This one is hard too, I love me some yummy chocolate!!)
- Carbs 
(Okay, they are all hard! Noodles is my favorite restaurant.)

-Fast Foods/Greasy Foods
(Aw finally one I am okay giving up!)
-Products with High Salt
(Ummm not sure how I feel about this one, ask me again when I am craving chips!)
Things to Add In:
-A Multivitamin; I take One A Day Women's ViaCraves. Yes, I take the gummie kind! I am not a fan of the boulder sized pills.

-High Protein
-Fruit; but not too much because there is still sugars in them.

Suggested Meal Plans:

Throughout the past 10 months since I had my baby I have been starting and stopping different fitness plans so there are a few brands of weight loss products and supplements that I tried out that just weren't for me. I have only tried a couple out of the hundreds of different brands out there so I am no expert when it comes to different brands. Find one that fits with you and stick with it. I choose Arbonne Fit Essentials. So most of this fitness plan and schedule will comply with their 30 day plan, however, you can alter it in any way you want or by adding different products to it!

Before I started I purchased the Arbonne Essentials Kit; 
Found HERE.
In it it has 2 bags of protein (vanilla and chocolate), 1 bag of fiber, 2 boxes of energy tabs, 2 boxes of Detox tea, 2 bags of fit chews and a 30 day fitness guide.
(Whatever product you end up going with I suggest sticking to a similar model.)
These are the basics of what I will be eating for the next month and a half. 

Fitness Meal Plan:
  (This is the plan I am going to follow!)

1 Protein Shake, fruit, added protein

Morning Snack:
3 Chocolate Fit Chews, Vegetables

1 Protein Shake, 1 Nutrition bar, added protein

Afternoon Snack:
Fizz Stick, Fruit

A healthy, well-rounded mean with lean proteins, vegetables and fiber-rich foods.

Late Snack:
Herbal Detox Tea   

So here is an example of what I eat during the day...

Breakfast: A protein shake, I put my fruit in the shake instead of eating it today and 2 eggs.

Snack: 3 fit chews (that I got in my Arbonne Essentials kit) and some carrots

Lunch: Another protein shake, nutrition bar and some almonds.  

Snack: Fizz stick (from my Arbonne kit again) and an apple.

BBQ Salmon and steamed veggies.

Herbal Detox Tea (also in my kit)

Because it is such a high protein diet you need to make sure you are getting enough fiber in your diet. I add a scoop of fiber in each of my shakes and try to eat foods with high fiber.

I am also drinking tons of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and because water is so good for you!

I will keep blogging food ideas and recipes throughout the 50 days, this is just a basic example to go off of! 

Fitness Plan:

I have a gym membership to Gold's Gym. I highly recommend getting a gym membership somewhere. From my experience I work out a lot more with the membership then I ever did working out at home. If you have awesome dedication then try it out at home, just as long as your working out that is great!
So I have a basic weekly fitness routine that I do at the gym. I try to work out 4-6 days a week for at least an hour each time. My routine has changed a lot since I broke my arm and had surgery so I am going to tell you my old routine, because unless you have a broken arm too it is probably best to work out your whole body. 

Monday: Class  
Tuesday: Back, Biceps, Lower Abs
Wednesday Legs and Gluten
Thursday:Chest, Triceps, Upper Abs
Friday: Cardio
Saturday: Class

The most important days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If I have to skip a day of workout I do not miss working out these muscle groups. The way I work out these muscle groups is through weight training. When I first started working out I figured that guys did the weights and girls ran on the treadmill. I am not a fan of running so I never really had any interest in the gym. Well I was wrong. Girls can work out on the weights and they are not going to get huge and bulky like guys do. Trust me. Weights are thee best way to see definition and gain muscle. Lifting weights also burns MORE calories than running/carido. You can add weights to almost anything you do and when you do you see definition faster. That's why I love them!

If I want to work out really hard; I will repeat Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and do them twice in once week, adding the cardio to the beginning of my work outs for 10-15 mins. And not do the classes. I will most likely do it this way once I get my cast off because I am some what taking it easy for my arm right now. 

For the classes I usually try to do more intense classes like Power Pump, Kick Boxing or Cycle but sometimes I will do a Zumba class for fun. 

For my cardio I usually run/jog for about 30 minutes then do the stair climber for about 30 minutes.

I am going to post videos of my workouts at the gym and even some at home ones you can do. I obviously can not do my arm workouts right now so I will start posting my leg and abs work outs then once February 11th rolls around and I get my cast off I can post arm work outs before I leave for the cruise!

So there you have it folks, my fitness plan.

If you have any tips or tricks be sure to comment below. I get my basic fitness knowledge from my husband and would always love to learn more! 

I will keep you posted!


  1. What was your average post baby workout routine?
    Also what did you do during pregnancy to still exercise?

  2. Yes I'd love to know your Pre-baby and pregnancy workouts as well! I'm going on my honeymoon in May and will start your 30 day challenge this weekend!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. what time do you eat dinner and when do you take your late PM Snack (tea)?

  4. ...i love that on wednesday you work on your gluten :) too cute!!

  5. How long did you do this routine before you switched to eating a lot more meals throughout the day?

  6. Workout place is also important in your “Fitness Plan’’ , because it controls your motivation and ambition to work out perfectly , and be sure that place is not a boring one.