Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Braided Messy Bun

 This style is super easy. I love it because it dresses up a boring bun or pony tail. 

First start with your hair straight,
then take a section of the front and french braid about 6 strands,
continue to braid (not french braid) till the end of the hair.

Pin the braid on the side with bobby pins.

Pull your hair back in a pony, I leave a chunk of hair above the ear out of the pony tail.

The next step is slight complicated to explain.
What I do is take the pony tail and just pull it all up in a messy way, 
then wrap the pony tail around it.

Since there is really no set way to do this each time might be a little different. 
Play around with it for a few minutes until it turns out the way you want. 
You can also tuck pieces of hair into your pony tail or use bobby pins to protect it.

Once you have it the way you want, you are done!
Easy enough!

I wore this hair style to a football game and it was a big hit!


  1. soo pretty! gonna try this one

    are your eyelashes natural or do you use eyelash extensions?

  2. I did my hair like this for work today. I've gotten SO many compliments! I love an easy hairstyle for Fridays. Keep the hair ideas coming ;)

  3. did you have your extensions in for this look....sooo cute