Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fitness Blogging- Starts now!

When I was pregnant with baby number two I tried to stay very active throughout my pregnancy. I knew I had many followers who were waiting and watching to see how fast I bounced back into shape. This made me super nervous; but yet gave me a little more motivation. 

My labor with my little girl went better than expected. With my first baby I sat in bed for about a week with no desire to move at all. Things were much different with my second. I was up and moving hours after birth. I was feeling great! I felt so good that exactly a week after I had my baby I was back at the gym. Of course I wasn't 100% so I kept it mellow by walk on the treadmill for 20-30 minutes. I did this same thing about 3 days a week for 3-4 weeks while my body adjusted to just having a baby. But I was so happy that I was sticking with my fitness plan for after that baby!

Pretty much at the exact same time as I was introducing my daughter into the world I was also starting up my own business, Mommy's Little Sunshine. Things started off slow with my new business which was okay with me. I was able to send out a handful of orders a day which was creating extra money for me and making it so I could stay home with my new baby. 

Well, one day I had a bright idea to do a giveaway to create some new customers for Mommy's Little Sunshine. I planned on giving away about 500 petti rompers which was a large number to send out on my own. Well, I didn't end up giving away 500 I ended up giving away 13,000! I was so in over my head. I had a new baby which was first priority, a 3 year old which also required a lot of my attention, my regular wife and mommy duties and on top of that 13,000 orders to ship out! Needless to say I was waking up at 7:00 in the morning and going to bed at 3:00 in the morning. And I had no time for the gym or even to eat healthy really. I was eating out almost all of my meals because we had no time to cook let alone go grocery shopping!

It took about a month for me with the help of friends and family to send out all the orders. But once they were sent out I now had a huge fan base which required a lot of attention. I knew I could no longer do it on my own so I spent the next few months lining everything up so that I could make time for me again. So over these next 2-3 months I would try to make it to the gym but would end up going about 1-2 every two weeks. It was horrible. 

Finally I got everything settled with my business and 6 months had already gone by! WHAT? I was no where near on the track I wanted to be with my fitness goals! So I decided to start eating healthy and working out starting that day! I did really well for the next month. I was working out about 4-5 times a week and eating clean! I was starting to see awesome results in just the few weeks I had been doing it. I was so excited that I was finally getting where I wanted to be. And then I decided to get surgery.. I was out for about a week, literally could move a muscle. And over the next 4 weeks I was recovering. The doctor told me to take it easy over the next 6 weeks and not lift anything more than my baby girl who was about 12 lbs. Therefore, I was back to not working out AGAIN!

After recovering from the surgery I decided to start back up again with my fitness plan. This time I was really going to do it! I wouldn't stop for ANYTHING! About 2 weeks into it I was doing great again!... Then I broke my arm! SERIOUSLY!?? At that point in time I was bummed. I felt like I couldn't do anything and I was never going to get back into the shape I wanted to be in. It made me even more bummed when I realized that our cruise was only a few months away and that my arm being broken would stop me from being where I wanted to be.

Then it hit me. There is always going to be something in your life that you are going to use as your excuse.. It can be work, kids, school, broken bones, anything. But I have got to stop using these things as excuses and just do it!!

Replace Summer with The cruise and this was directed towards me!

So this time is going to be different! Why? Because I am not going to let excuses get in my way. And instead of just going with it. I actually have a plan! I have my meals planned out, my fitness retinues planned out and goals are set!

My main goal is to be toned, not skinny, toned!
Mainly I want to tone up my abs and butt/thighs. Well, I can do this without my arm!
I know usually it it best to work at the whole body but since I can't do that currently I will do what I can do!

Is my cast and broke arm going to limit me? Yes, but it won't stop me! 

My husband is going to do it with me to help me out! Because let's face it; if you are trying to eat clean and your husband is over there watching movies eating cake then it may be harder for you to not eat the cake and head to the gym instead. So we are doing it as a team to get healthier, stronger and, of course, look great for the cruise. Which is March 3rd, yes it is way too soon!

We started a 30 day fitness challenge. (I will post soon!) But instead of doing 30 days we are going to do it for 50 days, the day of our cruise. We are going to eat right and workout 5 times a week!

So I am going to blog about my journey on here! With healthy recipes, healthy snacks, supplements, fitness tutorials and Including picture updates. (For more picture updates follow me on instagram @mckinli)

Anyone else want to join in the challenge with us??


  1. Just started reading your blog :) Nice to find another workout mommy! You can check out my blog if you would like at www.theworkoutmama.com.
    xoxo, Tamara

  2. ME ME ME!!! I've been making up every excuse in the book for not working out every week. I'll be good for a couple months and then just completely stop. Today, I started my early morning workouts again (5AM-yuck!). It is the only time that I never have anything going on. If I plan on working out at night it seems like something always comes up. Can't wait to stay on track with you through your blog! :)

  3. I want to join! I need some motivation! Also, I'm giving away a Fit Bit One on my blog today! (And will be purchasing one for myself as well!) You should enter! http://carolinafireflies.blogspot.com/2013/01/giveaway-win-fit-bit-one.html

  4. I'll totally join! I've got two weddings coming up that I am a part of - less than 80 days, and I need to get my butt in gear!

  5. I'm in! I had a baby two weeks ago and I'm anxious to get back in shape!!


  6. You look so great even without the new workout plan. I had my son just over six months ago and I feel like I will never have a belly to be proud of again.

  7. I'm in my third trimester, and this is great motivation for me to make sure I get back into it as soon as I can after baby is born. Thank you!

  8. I do! I just had my third baby two weeks ago and I'm ready to start working out again and eating clean. I'm looking forward to your post. Me and my husband both want to get in shape for the summer. We live in San Diego so there will be lots of beach time.

  9. My husband and I would love love love to !!!!!! Let us know :) thanks girl!

  10. I would love to hear more about the challenge :) I have a marathon coming up and I need motivation through our cold winter!!

  11. What kind of surgery?! Are you ok?!

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  13. Did you take the cast off?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.

  14. how do you get rid of low back fat ( love handles)

    1. also if you could email that response I'd apreciate it otherwise I may not get it. jackiejensen57@aol.com thank you

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  16. I felt like I couldn't do anything and I was never going to get back into the shape I wanted to be in.

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