Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Week 1: Update

 Week 1 of my 50 day fitness challenge is complete, YAY!

It was hard to find some motivation some days but I would just think about my cruise and then make the decision to head to the gym or pick the healthier snack. 

I worked out 5 times this week and only cheated on my diet once. (My son was eating chips and I had  5 of them. This was on the first day, don't judge. HA!)

 Picture from instagram @mckinli

So to give you a little background I am 5'10. When I started I weighed in at 119lbs. and at the end of the week I weighed in at 115lbs. 
WAHOO! I lost 4 lbs! Which doesn't seem like a ton but when you look at pictures like this, it changes your mind slightly. 

 I am fully aware that muscle weighs more than fat. So I am assuming I will start to gain again here shortly. Which I am fine with. My fitness plan is more about how I look and feel rather than a number on the scale. 

Also remember this if you ever feel discourage. It takes time to see the results you want, but they will come if you keep at it! :)

 Week number 2 I am ready for you!!


  1. Where are your sports bra and pants from? They are so cute! How tall are you? Great work!

    1. The sports bra is from Target and the pants are from Sports Authority! I am 5'10 :)

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