Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week 6 update

My cruise is almost here! I started this whole challenge to get ready for the cruise and I think I am pretty much ready for it! I am hoping to do one more update before I leave but my schedule is crazy busy so I might be posting it when I get back.. we will see how it goes! Then I will keep posting more updates to get ready for my NPC Bikini Show at the end of March.. SO nervous for that! 

This week I kicked it up A LOT! Tuesday morning I woke up and literally was walking around straight legged because I was so sore from Mondays Leg day! I worked out with my coach on Monday and he literally kicked my butt. He up the weight by like 25lbs-50lbs on all my squat machines and made me go so deep! Then when I thought I couldn't do anymore he would say "Now three more", seriously I almost died. But I am so glad I am pushing through it because the results are coming! I can't wait to see the results 4 weeks from now! I am so excited for the show yet so nervous to be on stage in a bikini! AH!

Tons of my instagram followers were asking about ab work outs when I posted this. I usually work out my core 3 times a week. I will do a blog post soon with all the work outs. My favorite is hanging leg lifts! Try those if you can! They are pretty hard but get awesome results!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Polka Dots and Coral

 One of my favorite spring time colors is Coral. It is such a pretty color!

 Shirt: Bhome 
Cardigan: Bhome 
Pants: Buckle 
Earrings: Center Street Boutique 
Shoes: Forever Young

So does this outfit look familiar to any of you who have been following since Day 1? Well that's because I actually purchased this top and jacket while I was pregnant.

  I have gotten SO many questions about my pregnancy wardrobe and people are shocked when I tell them I never bought any maternity clothes. I personal think it is a big waste of money to buy clothing you are only going to wear for a few months. So my solution was finding clothing that was loose fitting that I could wear while pregnant and while I was not pregnant. Luckily the current style is looser fitting clothing, I took this to my advantage! Also since I was pregnant during the winter mot of my outfits consisted of cardigans and jackets. It was prefect because I still was able to find cute clothing and fit in to them before and after the baby.

So this is one of my outfits I wore both during and after pregnancy! I think it looks cute both ways!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Packing for the beach.

My cruise is coming up so soon! (Yay!) I have no idea what to pack! So of course I went to Pinterest for some inspiration!

First I need the perfect suit..

Then some shades...

The perfect dress.. 
(For formal night)

Some kicks..

And of course the outfits..

Oh, and while I was searching I found this.. Matching swim suits! Um SOO cute! I am going to have to get me and my baby girl these!! 

There is all of my cruise inspiration. Can't wait to put some fun outfits together to show you all! :)

Also, I am hoping to put up some hair tutorials before I go so stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 5 Update.

Week 5 now? Time is flying. And before I know it I will be sailing on a cruise ship! SO excited!! 

As many of you know I started this as a 50 day fitness challenge in hopes to get in shape for my cruise. The first few weeks were hard but now I am slowly seeing my results and am loving it. Loving it so much that I want to continue past the 50 days!!

I am pretty much committing myself to doing a IFBB NPC Bikini Fintess Show! I am SO nervous to do it! The next one is March 31st and my coach really wants me to do it to get some experience. Then for the June show I can compete to really win it all once my wrist is completely healed. I think it will be a fun experience! I am excited but yet very nervous to walk on stage in a bikini in front of lots of people. AH! We will see how this goes! 

Anyways, I started training for it about 2 weeks ago when I switched my diet and exercise plan. My coach wants me to take weekly progress pictures in a swim suit verses the way I have been taking them. Which I am not usually one to post pictures in a swim suit but whatever I guess ha! 

Did I mention how hard it is to gain muscle in your legs?? I am dying! I feel like I work my legs SO hard but the results don't come as quick! I can feel a difference and I think you can see a slight difference.. right??  Hopefully ha! Dang leg muscle just GROW! :)

I am starting my arms this week, today actually. So this is like a day one picture for my arms. I was able to do back work outs last week with a wrist guard but I couldn't even curl a 2.5lb weight. It gets frustrating with injures but I know it needs time to heel so I am just trying to be as patient as I can. 

Look what my hubby got me for Valentines! It is a Polar Watch that keeps track of calories and heart rate. I love it! These are my calories from my morning cardio and my legs at night. 
So I think I have one or two more updates before the cruise, then I will keep posting them for my shows! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Go To, Favorite Outfit

 You know how every once and awhile you will find like thee perfect outfit and it becomes your go to outfit for the next little bit. Well, this is mine. Perfect for this colder weather and oh so sparkly!! I have a little obsession with the color gold lately. Which is odd because I hated anything the color gold about a year ago. Anyways, love this outfit.

Shirt: Experess
Sweater: Buckle
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Forever Young
Earrings: Tiffany's
Necklace: Tiffany's 
Watch: Dillards
Bracelets: Forever 21

Black Lepoard

Here in Utah the weather has been horrible. It is snowy and so cold EVERYDAY! I can not wait for the cruise or for summer. I had to take these pictures inside since it was a blizzard outside when I wore this. It is one of my favorite tops and my go to shirt when I want comfy cute! :)

Shirt: Express
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots Forever Young
Necklace: Forever 21

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 4 update.

 So now we are already at Week number 4! That went by fast! 

Let me back up to week 3 real fast. At week 3 I was starting to get discouraged. I wasn't see the results I wanted. I felt like I was working out so hard but yet my body wasn't showing it yet. I am now realizing that it takes time to transform your body and you have to be patient and prescient. So don't get discourage! Keep at it and the results will follow soon enough! 

So once I reached week number 4 things start changing. 

First, you don't get as sore. I just hired a trainer to help me out at the gym and push me even harder. He pushes me REALLY hard, to the point where I can no longer work out at the end of my work out. And the next day I'm not really sore! Totally different from the first week when I would work out and totally die the next day.

Also, I don't crave sweets as much. I used to be like addicted to Mountain Dew. I seriously craved it ALL the time and if it was in the house I could down like 3 a day.  I completely stopped drinking it when I started this whole thing and now I never crave it. Like it doesn't even sound good. Instead my body craves water. I drink SO much water!! I am still getting over my sweets addiction and will crave sugar every once and a while but it's getting better. When I do crave sweets I just eat a protein shake and add a half a banana, totally helps with the cravings and is so yummy!

Here's the update pictures!

I changed my diet plan, A LOT. My trainer put me on 7 meals a day. Not meaning little snacks, like full on meals filled with meats, complex crabs and veggies every two hours. At first I couldn't finish all the meals because it was so much food but after about a week I started being able to finish it. Now I am on this diet because I want to start building muscle, lots of muscle. If you are trying to loose weight follow my other meal plan. If you want to gain muscle you need to eat more. We found out I was not eating nearly enough to gain muscle. My metabolism is already fast but we want to keep it that way and keep it burning all the food which is why I eat a meal every two hours. 

Another thing that has changed is my work out. I am working out SO much harder. I now work out twice a day, yes twice. I do one hour of cardio on an empty stomach in the mornings then I work out on the weights for an hour at night. The reasoning for doing cardio on an empty stomach is because when you do cardio you burn lots of fat, if you have food in your stomach you will just burn that instead of body fat. It takes about a week to get use to full on running with an empty stomach but it gets easier each time. 

Just a side note: I have SO much more respect for people with lots of muscle. I never knew how hard it was to gain muscle!! Especially in my legs. We are trying to build up my legs and butt right now and it is so hard. I do legs 3 days a week, which is a ton. Hopefully I will get there soon!! But I am happy with the results so far!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Week 3 update

Made it through week 3! It is crazy that my cruise is coming so soon!! Yay!

So I gained a pound this week, I am assuming it was muscle and I assume I will start gaining more muscle as the weeks go on. I am now 115lbs at 5'10. I am starting to see some muscle definition in my abs which makes me super happy!!

When I started the 50 day challenge I wanted to loose some of my fat and replace it with muscle. I feel like I have lost a lot of my fat and now I am going to start trying to put on more muscle. Since I am no longer trying to lose any weight my diet is going to take a big change. 

I started my 50 day challenge with this diet HERE and it has honestly worked out great!! Now I am going to start a new diet plan which I will post soon. It will contain A  LOT more muscle building food. 

I actually decided to meet with a personal trainer to figure out a new diet plan and exercise plan for gaining muscle.  (which is why I am wearing a swim suit in the picture above. My trainer wants to see exactly where I need to work and what I need to eat.) And there is a small chance I might decided to enter a Bikini Fitness show. Why not set another goal once my cruise goal is over? I love setting goals and accomplishing them!!

My cast will be off in 5 days! Yay! Then I will start posting videos for fitness retinues! So get ready!!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl!

 Even though this team is not going to the Super Bowl, here are some fun football photos from a previous photo shoot in honor of the Super Bowl! 

Who do you want to win? The 49ers or the Ravens?

I will most likely end up going from the Ravens, only for the fact that I like to make bets with my husband and he wants to the 49ers to win ha!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!