Monday, February 25, 2013

Polka Dots and Coral

 One of my favorite spring time colors is Coral. It is such a pretty color!

 Shirt: Bhome 
Cardigan: Bhome 
Pants: Buckle 
Earrings: Center Street Boutique 
Shoes: Forever Young

So does this outfit look familiar to any of you who have been following since Day 1? Well that's because I actually purchased this top and jacket while I was pregnant.

  I have gotten SO many questions about my pregnancy wardrobe and people are shocked when I tell them I never bought any maternity clothes. I personal think it is a big waste of money to buy clothing you are only going to wear for a few months. So my solution was finding clothing that was loose fitting that I could wear while pregnant and while I was not pregnant. Luckily the current style is looser fitting clothing, I took this to my advantage! Also since I was pregnant during the winter mot of my outfits consisted of cardigans and jackets. It was prefect because I still was able to find cute clothing and fit in to them before and after the baby.

So this is one of my outfits I wore both during and after pregnancy! I think it looks cute both ways!


  1. I love coral too! I think it looks awesome especially on blondes!! I didn't buy maternity clothes either, although looking back I feel like I would have loved maternity leggings!

  2. I loved your maternity style . . . Does the store that you got this shirt at have a website ?!?!

  3. I'm also not buying maternity clothes aside from pants. I have a lot of loose tops that should fit throughout pregnancy and I also got some maternity clothes from a co worker!

  4. Replies
    1. im curious about this too. please share :) im trying to make the switch from fake bake to spray tan only...

  5. i would love to hear more tips about how to shop for clothes you can wear throughout pregancy and ttc #1 and i just dont know what to expect but i dont want to buy maternity clothes if i dont have to. i exercise/eat healthy and will throughout so i hope to not put on too much weight (5'7"/111 lbs currently hope to not put on more than 20-25) so i can stay in a lot of my clothes.... sorry also kind of personal but do you have to buy new bras throughout pregnancy? i mean that would be do you handle that part...?

  6. Do you know where I can find the white and coral shirt? Im soooooo in love with it but I looked on their website and it's not there. Do you know of anything similar?

  7. You are just the cutest ever!! I hope you get back to your followers with answers to questions! :) I'd love to know as well if you tan or spray tan!!

  8. Hello, I really like the way you curl your hair! Mine is long and I can't seem to find a process to curl it and make it look cute like yours. What type of curling iron do you use and what size is it?