Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 4 update.

 So now we are already at Week number 4! That went by fast! 

Let me back up to week 3 real fast. At week 3 I was starting to get discouraged. I wasn't see the results I wanted. I felt like I was working out so hard but yet my body wasn't showing it yet. I am now realizing that it takes time to transform your body and you have to be patient and prescient. So don't get discourage! Keep at it and the results will follow soon enough! 

So once I reached week number 4 things start changing. 

First, you don't get as sore. I just hired a trainer to help me out at the gym and push me even harder. He pushes me REALLY hard, to the point where I can no longer work out at the end of my work out. And the next day I'm not really sore! Totally different from the first week when I would work out and totally die the next day.

Also, I don't crave sweets as much. I used to be like addicted to Mountain Dew. I seriously craved it ALL the time and if it was in the house I could down like 3 a day.  I completely stopped drinking it when I started this whole thing and now I never crave it. Like it doesn't even sound good. Instead my body craves water. I drink SO much water!! I am still getting over my sweets addiction and will crave sugar every once and a while but it's getting better. When I do crave sweets I just eat a protein shake and add a half a banana, totally helps with the cravings and is so yummy!

Here's the update pictures!

I changed my diet plan, A LOT. My trainer put me on 7 meals a day. Not meaning little snacks, like full on meals filled with meats, complex crabs and veggies every two hours. At first I couldn't finish all the meals because it was so much food but after about a week I started being able to finish it. Now I am on this diet because I want to start building muscle, lots of muscle. If you are trying to loose weight follow my other meal plan. If you want to gain muscle you need to eat more. We found out I was not eating nearly enough to gain muscle. My metabolism is already fast but we want to keep it that way and keep it burning all the food which is why I eat a meal every two hours. 

Another thing that has changed is my work out. I am working out SO much harder. I now work out twice a day, yes twice. I do one hour of cardio on an empty stomach in the mornings then I work out on the weights for an hour at night. The reasoning for doing cardio on an empty stomach is because when you do cardio you burn lots of fat, if you have food in your stomach you will just burn that instead of body fat. It takes about a week to get use to full on running with an empty stomach but it gets easier each time. 

Just a side note: I have SO much more respect for people with lots of muscle. I never knew how hard it was to gain muscle!! Especially in my legs. We are trying to build up my legs and butt right now and it is so hard. I do legs 3 days a week, which is a ton. Hopefully I will get there soon!! But I am happy with the results so far!


  1. You look great!
    Im back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (baby is 4 months old lol) so now i just need to crack down and lose my marriage weight! :)
    You're my inspiration

  2. wow I never knew that about working out on an empty stomach!! You look fantastic girl!! :)

  3. Would you mind sharing some of the workouts you are doing with your trainer?

  4. I've been changing my lifestyle (hate the word diet) where the first thing you do is eat as soon as you wake up because your metabolism is the fastest in the morning. The first thing you eat is a grapefruit or orange. The citrus cleanses your insides and cleans the mucus that builds up when you sleep. That way you digest your food better throughout the day. Then I usually have 1 serving of carb so that I have fuel in my body for a good workout. I've tried exercising with no food in my stomach and I just can't run as fast or long as I do when I have food. I've been doing this (along with regular exercise and watching caloric intake) since April and I've lost 56 lbs. My friend follows this regimen as well and she does cross fit for exercise. She's got an awesome 6 pack! It's funny how there are so many theories out there about what to do. Hope something works for you!!

  5. You mentioned above: "If you are trying to loose weight follow my other meal plan." Which plan is that?


  6. Wow thanks for this! I also am trying our local gym and so glad that I did. I also run on an empty stomach in the morning since having food in makes me sluggish - and i can't move that well! It all started when I jumpstarted my fitness plan with the 3 Day Military diet! I'm glad I listened to my friend who said it will prepare me to eat right and it did! It was totally low carb and it taught me portion control and calorie counting. I am also drinking lots of water and shunning sweets, as well. For more of this see

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