Sunday, March 31, 2013

My First NPC Show!

 This weekend was the big day, my first NPC Fitness Show! I was so, so nervous the days leading up to the show. Every time I would think about going on stage I would immediately get butterflies. Well the second I got there that all changed. My nerves weren't too bad and the excitement took over! I just went out and had fun instead of stressing over what I would place, which actually made the day all that much better. 

My husband stayed all day with me and helped me prep to go one stage. He's one in a million I tell ya!

Me, Jenny and Amanda all ready to go on stage!

My husband's cousin, Darik, was in the show too! We were also both trained/coached by the same guy so it was fun to be on the same "team"!

About to walk on stage!

Getting pumped before I walked on, there were a few nerves at this moment in time!

The whole time being on stage solo was kind of a blur ha! I can tell you that I had so much fun doing it though! 

We also walked on the stage in groups so that the judges could compare us to one another, no pressure right? Well in the fitness world (in most cases) if you get moved to the center you are more than likely going to place top 5. They lined up myself and 18 other girls all across the stage and started to move us all around in pre judging. I was getting a little bummed that they kept moving other girls but yet I wasn't moving.. until I got moved right fun and center. That was probably one of the best moments of the night! The second I got off stage I ran to my husband and trainer and was completely beaming from ear to ear! I had to idea if I had placed but was just so excited to be moved to center! 

The pre-judging seemed to take forever but finally it was over with and we were on to the night show. The night show is much quicker paced because the judges have already picked the winners and in fact only the top 5 get called back out to the stage. I was so excited when they called #33 (my number) to go back out to the stage!! This meant I had at least placed top 5, which was my goal! 

They started calling each of us one by one. I just kept hoping not to hear my name till the end. When they did finally call my name it was the last one to be called!! I did it!!! I won 1st place in my Bikini Novice Category!! All of the hard work had paid off and I couldn't have been happier!!!!

I got to know the two girls next to me through our posing class, Megan and Haley, both were such sweet girls and awesome competition! 

Right after I won 1st, still on cloud nine!

Me and my trainer/coach, Jake Routt! He played a huge part in my success and transformation and I can't thank him enough!! 

At first I was only going to enter in Bikini Novice but I wanted to see how I would place in Bikini Open as well. Since it was my first show I didn't expect to place really. So I was also thrilled when I got 3rd place! It was such an amazing feeling being on stage and winning!! Ah! :)

 My cute hubby and I with the trophies! :)

Darik took 1st in both of his categories and won Overall! He did awesome!!

Our trainer and us after we won our 1st places!! 

First in Bikini Novice and Third in Bikini Open, couldn't have been happier with the results!

The four of us were all trained by Jake and we all placed! Todd, Myself and Darik all took first and Chanler took second! Total we had One Overall, Four Firsts, One Second and One Third.. So many trophies! What an awesome Coach we all had! And the cool part is this is the first time Jake has ever trained anyone and all of us did really well!


 Pro Body Builder Ed Nunn was there for the show.. Um check out those arms? Unreal! 

I couldn't have had a better experience! I really had so much fun in my first show! All of my hard work totally payed off! Not only in the competition but I just feel great about how far I have came in the past 10 weeks! I think I might do another one, yeah?? They are so fun!

After the show we all went to Cheese Cake Factory and I got a coke, huge bowl of pasta and of course a cheese cake! So yummy and well deserved!! Then that night we went to the store and bought tons of junk! I bought anything that I had a craving for the past ten weeks. I was so excited to eat everything the next day. Well, the next morning I woke up excited to eat it and after a few bites it made me sick ha! Apparently if you go without sugar for 10 weeks then try to eat a million grams of sugar your body might freak out slightly. I ended up munching on some rice cakes and almond butter, what?? Never would I guess I would be back to eating healthy the day after. I thought I would be eating junk the whole next week and it turns out now I am craving my meals and healthier food. My diet and life style has completely changed! I have already been asked a few times if I am going to go back to my old ways or stick to my same diet. My competition diet and work out plan was very extreme and meant to prep me for a show so unless I am training for a show I will most likely not totally follow that meal plan and work out plan. But I am going to continue to eat clean and work out 5-6 times a week! I want to keep building muscle over the next few weeks then hopefully train for another show. Since I placed so well I am now nationally qualified so the next show I do will have some really good competition so I want to make sure I am totally ready!!

Now that things are over with the show I should have some more time on my hands to post more clean reeipes and work out plans because I know you are all dying to know them.. So stay tuned!! 

And thank you for all the sweet comments and support!!


Fitness Shoot

My Friend, Lymann, took some awesome fitness pictures of me before my show! I feel like I have come so far in these past 10 weeks and am happy with where I am now!


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