Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cruise 2013

The cruise came to an end way too soon. We all had such a blast!!!

We went on Royal Caribbean's Ship, The Allure of the Sea. The biggest cruise ship in the world! It is actually the same cruise ship Devan and I went on for our honeymoon, just with different ports. After the honeymoon we came home and told all our friends about how awesome the ship was. That's when they all decided they needed to go on it too! So after what seemed like forever of planning, we finally booked!

We flew out to Florida early Saturday morning. We couldn't get on the ship until Sunday morning so we hung out and stayed the night in Florida which was quite the adventure to say the least!

Getting on the cruise ship!

This is the only picture we have of the entire group. Everyone was always in different places so we never got any other group pictures together. There was 15 of us total in the "Utah" group!

(From left to right) Devan, me, Sterling, Alysa, Karen, Jason, Lacey, Kyle, Alex, Trent, Zach, Steve, Alisha, Justin and Pualei!

The first stop was the Bahamas. Ever since I was little I have always dreamed of going to the Bahamas and I finally made it there!

The weather in the Bahamas was COLD, like SO COLD! About 60 degrees to be exact! We already had our excursions planned out so we didn't let the cold weather stop us! 

The first part of the excursion was swimming with the dolphins. Swimming with the dolphins has been on my bucket list for quite some time now so I was more than excited when we signed up to do that!  

I loved every second of it! The dolphins were so much fun and such smart animals. 

Us and our cruise ship!

After the dolphins we went to a water park and rode some water slides. It was so much fun but would have been so much better with warm weather. We were running around in swim suits and all of the employees from the water park were in coats, that is how cold it was ha!

There was also a cool aquarium that we got to see while we were there too!

The Bahamas was such a pretty island. I was really bummed it was so cold. I think out of all the islands this would be the one I would fly back to and stay for a week! I think it would be perfect for a couple or a family. There is tons to do and see there and we only got to see a small glimpse of it!

The next island was St Thomas. St Thomas is absolutely beautiful! The water is crystal clear and the beaches have that white, pretty sand!

Of course, you have to take awesome pictures like these on the islands..

We didn't spend very much  time on St Thomas because we heard great things about St. John and decided to take a ferry over to that island instead. 

St. John was also a little chilly. Not as bad as the Bahamas, but definitely not the weather we were hoping for!

We went out snorkeling on St John. One of the guys in our group saw a 5 ft shark!! So scary!!

The next island was St. Marten and this was probably my favorite of the three! The weather was super hot, which to me was perfect vacation weather to me!

When we got there we decided to rent ATVs. That was probably the best idea because the day before we had spent more money on taxis then we would have renting something and we were able to go anywhere at any time. Plus ATVs are tons of fun! 

 The first beach we went to was absolutely beautiful!

We rent a long boat for an hour on the beach and had tons of fun with that. And we also got massages on the beach!

After spending some time in the sun we went to a picture perfect restaurant on the beach. When you think of paradise this restaurant would be it!  

Then we cruised over to Airport Beach. Why do they call it Airport Beach you ask?? Well the airport is literally on the beach! There is like a danger zone on the beach because the airplanes take off right in front of you and blow people over! We didn't get to see any of the really big airplanes take off but even the little ones kicked up tons of sand. It was crazy to see them land pretty much on top of you!

Not only were the islands amazing but so was the ship. There is so much to do on the Allure!

We got to lay out and relax pretty much every day!

There was a huge rock climbing wall on the back of the boat that we all got to climb. 

Sadly, I didn't make it to the top! Way too high for me ha!

The boys made it up no problem, besides the purple. No one could get up the hardest one!

They had a really yummy Mexican Restaurant on the back of the boat that we got to go to!

And a yummy pizza restaurant.. Let's just say there was LOTS of food!

The dinners with everyone in the dining room were always a blast!

The picture explains the trip. I literally could not stop laughing!

We had two formal nights! I love formal nights because I love getting all dressed up! 

They also had a Wave Rider on the boat which was a big hit for the boys!

And a zip line!

We pretty much went to a different show every night!

Every night we would also go to the casino and gamble. I was playing Roulette with some of our friends and I started with $100. It was my goal to get an orange $1000 chip. 

I would only play the outside on red. I got up to $500 just putting it on red and Devan told me to put money on my number so I put $5 on 6 & 9. 6 is my number but I was too nervous to put it all on one number. Well it hit 6! What are the chances? I felt lucky and put $5 just on 6. And it hit 6 AGAIN! Right in a row! Wahoo!! I slowly worked my way up to $1500. I was so excited!! Then I lost $500 and only had one orange chip, which was my goal but I was slightly sad about the $500 extra I had lost. So I put the $1000 orange chip on red.. BOOM! Two orange chips!! YAY!

All and all, we had such a fun trip! I want to go back already but I sure did miss my cute kids so I couldn't wait to get home at the same time! :)


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Now I want to go on a cruise! Never been!

  2. Looks like a fun trip! I feel like with kids, vacations are so awesome...so fun to go on, but so great to come home...it's a win/win. =) And congrats on your casino win, how fun! ((BTW, I can tell you've been lifting...you have a lot more tone in your legs! Way to go!))


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