Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to make money Blogging!

I have gotten so many questions about how to make money by blogging. As many of you know I started a blog about two years ago for the same reason many people start a blog. I am a wife and mother of two, and I wanted to document our lives: the vacations, the holidays, and just the day-to-day life that we were living. I loved to write and take pictures, but I didn’t consider myself a professional by any means. In fact, I often used slang terms and pictures uploaded right from my cell phone. My only intent was for my family and close friends to read it. Never did I imagine I would be making a profitable income from my blog in such a short time.  I am currently making an almost $1,000 per month from advertisements placed on my blog. Also many of you know I started a boutique, Mommy's Little Sunshine, because of my blog traffic. With my boutique I am currently making a six figure income, all while staying home with my kids. I owe all of my success to this blog. Never would I have imagined the success this blog would have brought me when I started it. 
I decided to write down my success story for you all to read in a book. I also made a 5 step process on how you can create a blog that makes a profitable income, just like mine.
The Link is HERE.
You can download it on your Kindle or if you have a smart phone or iPad just download the kindle app. 
If you do read it I would love to hear your feedback! :)


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