Sunday, April 21, 2013

Very Jane Watch & Concert

 I have a little bit of a watch obsession lately. I am sure you all have seen my gold colored watch that I have worn in a few of my outfit posts and I absolutely love it. I have been on a search for a silver one lately so I was thrilled when I finally found one on Very Jane. If you haven't heard of Very Jane you NEED to check them out! They are pretty much like the Groupon of everything cute! They feature different boutique items for amazing deals, we're talking like 75% off some stuff! So for sure go check them out! Anyway, I found this cute watch on there and pretty much planned an entire outfit around it!

Also, these are my new favorite leggings. Love them!

Tank: Express
Jacket: Forever 21
Watch: Very Jane 
Necklace: Express
Leggings: Express
Boots: Forever Young

I wore the outfit to a concert this past weekend. The concert was Boyce Avenue. If you haven't heard of them go check them out too. They do a lot of cover songs which is where I fell in love with them!

All Red was the opening band and I pretty much fell in love with them that night. Amazing voice. We even got to meet them after the show!

It was a super fun girls night out!


  1. Kinda wish I didn't know about Very Jane...I just spent 40 bucks...LOL! Thanks for the great recommendation.

    1. Haha it's so tempting huh? Every time I get an email from them I find something I HAVE to have ha!