Monday, May 20, 2013

Lovin the Locket

So this past weekend was Mother's Day. Every year I search and search for gift for my mom. While searching this year I came across the perfect gift. It was an Origami Owl Necklace. What this necklace is is like a little locket, totally customizable. I loved the gift so much I made two.. One for my mom and one for me!! So how it works is you pick the length of the chain and the color, then pick out the locket. Once you have done the basics you can pick out more customizable things like little words for your necklace to say... I picked "blessed" for both mine and my mom's. Then you add little charms inside of it. You pretty much tell a story with your locket, which I loved the idea of!! For mine I picked a "mom" charm for my kids, "infinity" charm for my family being together forever, "heart" for my husband, and a pearl to add a little extra something! I LOVE mine!! For my mom's I did a "nana" charm because that is what my kids call her then each one of her grand kids' birth stones, she absolutely loved it too!!

Shirt: Buckle
Tank: Buckle 
Locket/necklace: Origami Owl

This one is my mom's! 

To join the Origami Owl team feel free to contact Carly at

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Time GIVEAWAY!!

I was recently contacted by to review a product for them. I was super excited when they told me that want me to review these cute shoes! Usually I am one to wear a total high heel, love high heels. But some days when I have kids or am going to be doing a lot of walking it's nice to go for a shoe with a little more comfort. These shoes are literally SO comfy! I wore them to work all day and running errands with my kids all night and my feet didn't hurt at all!! Don't be taken back when you hear the word Klogs because these ones are so cute! Especially with a stylish outfit like a high low skirt so you can really see the shoe! The Women's Klogs that I reviewed are my favorite but there is also some very cute Women's Sandals that I wanted!  

Skirt: Bohme 
Shirt: ModBod
Necklace: Bohme
Belt: Forever 21

Now for the good part!! My first ever GIVEAWAY on! Yay!! is going to giveaway a pair of these darling shoes, valued at $124.95, to one of my followers!

Here is how you enter..

Go to my Facebook Page and "share" the photo that you see on the main page to your Facebook friends! Then just leave a comment below the photo with your shoes size or leave a comment here on the blog with your shoe size! Winner will be announced on Sunday! 

Good Luck everyone! The lucky winner will LOVE them!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Loving the sunshine!

 I can slowly feel summer getting closer. There were a few days this past week that got above 70! With all the warm weather and sunshine I knew I needed some new sunglasses so I was pretty excited when I finally found some that I loved! These cute things are from Cassette Company! And not only are they cute, but they are made of bamboo! Which I thought was awesome! Anyways, you will have to get yourself a pair cause I am loving mine! And the weather! 

 Sunglasses: Cassette Company
Jacket: Charlott Rosse
Shirt: Victoria Secert
Leggings: Express
Shoes: Charlott Rosse
Ring: Charlott Rosse
Bracelet: Charlott Rosse 
Earrings: Charlott Rosse

SOOO.. the Charlott Rosse by my house went moved and they were having some sales... I may have gotten a few things, ha!