Monday, June 10, 2013

Fitness: Getting Started in a Routine

  I am FINALLY going to post something fitness related.. YAY! My inbox fills up daily with fitness questions (I try so hard to get to all of them) and this is one of the most commonly asked question amongst them. How to/where to start when it comes to fitness? Most people really want to eat clean and work out so that they can get in better shape but have no idea where to start! Well my friends here are the five steps that my personal trainer had me do and it seems to work pretty well! Also a bonus tip at the end you have probably never heard of!! :)
Again here is my before and after picture (both pictures were taken after baby number 2)..

Okay, so the First Step is to throw out all junk food!
  I don't know about you, but I have THEE BIGGEST sweet tooth! Pop, candy, chocolate, cupcakes, cookies, chips.. you name it, I love it. So getting rid of this bad habit was something I knew had to do in order to reach my fitness goals. Well, it is so much easier to not be tempted with junk food if it isn't in your house. So get rid it, of ALL of it! And not by doing this...
Donate it or throw it out. All of it! 
I wish I could say that it was that simple, just not bringing it in the house but it's not that simple. I think not bringing junk in the house is one of the best ways to stay away from junk food but that doesn't mean you will not be tempted else where. Date night, hanging out with friends, work, BBQ? They will all be challenges. But you just need to remind yourself why you are doing it! If you cheat on eating clean you are only hurting yourself! The first week or two you will crave sugars. So try to find healthy replacements like fruit, peanut butter or my favorite GUM! 
 Seriously, buy this gum and eat it every time you feel a sugar craving! It's like heaven in your mouth when you are first starting to eat clean! 

Food to stay away from are: Sugars (ANYTHING with added sugar), High Sodium, dairy and breads. Those are the main foods that will keep you from your fitness goals. 
 The Second Step is once you have gotten rid of all of the junk in your house, you need to get rid of the junk in your body with a Detox! There are MANY different Detoxes out there, some maybe better than other. You are your own judge for which one works best for you. I love detoxes because I think of it has having a fresh start with my fitness goals. Getting rid of all the junk and starting out clean! My favorite detox is from ItWorks. Found HERE and I also add in some Greens to help jump start found HERE that also helps with detoxing. Also be sure to drink plenty of water when doing a detox! I started off drinking a gallon and a half a day!! Water is the best source for detoxing! 

The Third Step filling your house with good, clean foods! This includes good sources of proteins (fish, chicken, lean turkey, lean steak), veggies, fruits and complex carbs (sweet potatoes, brown rice).
The Fourth Step is meal prep. I absolutely LOVE this quote. 

I started meal prepping when I started training for my fitness show. At first I didn't like it but I quickly learned to love it. What I did is spent the night cooking up all my meals for the next four days. I eat every two hours so this meant preparing 6 meals per day. I prepared all meals, put them in Tupperware, then stuck them in my fridge. Then for the next four days instead of having to stop what I am doing and go make my meal, I would grab my Tupperware out of the fridge, warm it up and be back to what I was doing. It made eating clean so much more easy and convent! I highly recommend this but if you can not do this. I recommend at least having all meals planned out, especially for when you leave the house. It is easy to eat clean when you are at home with a house filled with clean foods but when you are on the go in it much more difficult to find healthy choices. So prepare ahead of time and make sure you are setting yourself up for success!!

The Fifth Step is starting a fitness routine. We have all heard the excuse that there is no time. Well folks, I am living proof that there is time. I am a full time mommy of two and I also work full time running my own business and when I was training for my show I made time for the gym, not once, but TWICE a day! It required me to wake up super early so that I could make it to and from the gym while everyone in my house was still sleeping, then in the evenings I would take my kids with me to the gym daycare. It was hard getting into the routine but once I started it I stuck with it. And after about two weeks it just became second nature. In fact, once I finished my show I decided to take a week off from the gym and I was so surprised how much I missed it and I had no idea what to do with all my extra time! The gym actually gave me more energy throughout my day and it just makes you feel better about every aspect in life!! Getting in the routine may seem difficult but it is more than worth it!

And there you have it my friends! The five easy steps on starting up a fitness routine!! 

And as promised here is my Bonus Step that you probably have never heard of! 

A couple months ago, I had a friend start up in a company called ItWorks. When I first heard about it I wanted to know more but I really didn't want to get sucked into the whole multi level thing. What it is are these body wraps that you apply on and within 45 minutes you can loose several inches. Crazy, right?? I knew there was no way it was possible but I still always had the curiosity of what it really was. Well after 3 months of her doing this she came to me again and told me that she needed one more person to sign up in order for her to get a $10,000 bonus! $10,000.00 is A LOT of money and I wanted to help her. So I signed up. When you sign up you get a free set of wraps, so pretty much you aren't really even paying a sign up fee just paying for the wraps. She got her bonus and I finally got the wraps that I wanted to try out. I didn't do the wraps at a party like most people but in the privacy of my own home so that I could see for myself if I was going to really loose inches or not. So I measured myself before hand and I measured myself after the 45 minutes and to my complete surprise I lost an inch and a half!! What?? I couldn't believe it really worked!! Not only did I lose inches but I also noticed that it was helping with that hard to loose mommy skin that was formed around my belly from my pregnancies, the skin I never thought would go away. It also helped with my stretch mark that I had gotten from my second pregnancy. I was hooked. I finished the treatments with the other four wraps then moved on to my legs. My legs are fairly skinny I would say but after pregnancy I felt like there was cellulite on them. I was SO insure about this so I figured I would try using the wraps on my legs as well. And it worked again!!! Seeing the inches and cellulite fade away so fast made me really want to continue seeing results. That is when I started training for my fitness show. I actually used wraps the night before my show to make sure I was at my complete best!!
How it works
Maybe your doubting that it's possible to loose inches or look better in 45 minutes, but there is science behind this wrap thing! 
Did you know: Everyone is born with as many fat cells as they will ever have? BUT, your fat cells can grow 1000x the size they naturally are. That is what causes us to gain weight and get that lovely cottage cheese. Cellulite is caused by fat cells bloated with toxins.
Here is a picture showing the difference between healthy and bloated fat cells
So how does this work?
 The botanical blend in our wraps penetrate the skin and enter into the deeper skin layers, getting straight to the fat cell where it releases the toxins out of them! Those toxins are then picked up by the blood stream, filtered through the kidneys and are essentially eliminated through your urine. 
All you need to do is wear the wrap for 45 minutes and drink lots of water! 
(Drinking water will flush the toxins out of your system quicker!)
How often can you wrap?
You can wrap again within 72 hours!

Is this permanent?
The results are guaranteed for 30-60 days, but they have been permanent for many customers!

Take a look at a few other stories!
The picture below is after only 6 wraps!!
How Much are they?
A full treatment is four wraps which is $99, purchase HERE
To try out a single wrap for $25 shipped, contact
Sign up for ItWorks HERE for $99 and get 4 wraps for free then you will be signed up to get discounted wraps there after and make extra money from home! Even get the $10,000 like my friend!

Hope these tips worked! Stay tuned for more workouts, fitness tips, meal plans and more!! I promise I will do better about posting them too! :)

Night Out Dress

 I love this dress because it is somewhat casual but still looks like you are dressing up because of the dress. I paired it with some boots but it also looks darling with heels too! I wore this out to the Daniel Tosh comedy show. His tour came to Salt Lake so we were able to go to it. Daniel Tosh is by far my favorite comedian. Seriously, SO funny!