Thursday, August 8, 2013

AND.. I'm back!!

So I was really good at blogging...
Then I took a really long break from it. This is the best excuse I have for not blogging..

First, we went on our cruise (which is about where I left off blogging).

Then we went to Disneyland with the kids. 

Then we went camping at the Sand Dunes. 

Then we went to Lake Powell.

Then we went to Vegas.

Then we went back to Lake Powell! 

Then in between all the vacationing I felt SO behind with work that I would just work all week! 

And every waking moment in between work I would want to spend with these little cuties!

And Ty was in swimming lessons, karate and tee ball! 

 Then we had our date nights and time with friends.

Then this poor guy had to get surgery on his elbow.

 So, pretty much life happened. Things got so busy for me. I just felt like there was not enough time in the day! Balancing kids, husband, work, friends, making dinners, cleaning house, working out?? It all seemed like a lot on my plate at one time. Some things began to slack more than others and two of those things were the blog and the gym. Well, and I stopped eating as clean. And instead of feeling better about having more time on my hands, I felt worse. I had no energy for anything and I hated the way I was starting to look again. Which made me discouraged.. I did so well with my show then after I just stopped and I didn't feel like I could pick it back up again...

Well, then I started thinking again and you know what? That my friends is life. There are going to be times were you are not going to have time for it all. But now I am trying to find that balance and I think I am almost there! 

Soooo I am going to start up blogging again and eating clean and working out, because I love it! And hopefully I can inspire and motivated some of you in some way! 

Here is my tip for the day: 
When starting a new fitness routine or starting back up at the gym, buy some new gym gear. It gives you a little more motivation to get there! I got this cute new top and headphones and it made waking up in the early mornings not so brutal! :)

Headphones: Best Buy; Beats by Dre Wireless (Buy wireless headphones! Then when you are doing cardio you can listen to music without having to worry about the cord! Love them!)



  1. Recently started following your blog and I love it! The fact that you have 2 kids AND that stomach amazes me. Definitely motivating!

    1. Right? I think I just stared at that for 5 minutes. CRAZY that that is possible.

  2. Do the headphones stay on pretty well when you do cardio?

  3. Looks like tons of fun on those vacays! You deserved a break from blogging and working out!

  4. I went through the SAME exact thing blogging wise! Sometimes life gets in the way but you had some pretty kick-ass thing going on! I would love to hear your tips on starting a business.. I am in the process of opening up an etsy shop and would love to hear more about your success!! :)

  5. Glad you're back. I feel ya on the blogging! Life just happens :) I didn't know you had an actual store for Mommy's Little Sunshine?! How cool! Is that new?

  6. This post came at the perfect time. We've been super busy this summer and I've fallen off the healthy eating/working out wagon. It's time to start back up! Love your suggestion about buying some new workout gear. My husband and I spent last night planning our weekly meals and workouts to get motivated.

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