Thursday, August 15, 2013

Protein, protein, protein

 Everyone is talking about protein shakes recently, want to know why? Because they are a great source when trying to reach your fitness goals! When I am training for a show I drink two protein shakes a day. I drink one in the morning right after cardio and one in the evening right after weights. Your body craves protein the most up to 30 minutes after your done working out so that is when I try to get mine in!

Since I am drinking more than one protein shake a day I want to make sure I am drinking one of the best! I have tried out a few different proteins but have come across one recently that I wanted to tell all of you about. Gnarly Protein is probably my favorite protein currently. And yes, it is gluten free (because I know I am going to get many of you asking that, ha)! Gnarly is grass fed New Zealand Whey Protein with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. 

Oh and did a mention it tasted good too?? Yay!

This company is actually based out of my home state, Utah! So if you live here like me you can pick yours up at Good Earth! For all you out of staters, you will have to shop online HERE! 

If you try it or have tried it let me know what you think!

Oh and there pre-work out is also awesome! That is what I am drinking in the first picture, yum!!


  1. Yay! I hate all that GM crap. I say no to GMO's :)

  2. I use Hydrowhey by gold standard. Will have to try!

  3. I alternate between this protein and Perfect Fit protein! You should give it a try!! Both are great, but I prefer to use Perfect Fit for baking! Have you tried the boost from Gnarly? I use the pre workout and am trying to decide if I should get the boost or not.

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    Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Just found your blog! My best friends Dad is the one who created and sells Gnarly. It's so great! And he's one of the most amazing men I know, so I'm thrilled to find supporters of him and his products!

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