Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 I don't know why I haven't posted more legging outfits because they are literally my favorite. Leggings are SO comfortable to wear but yet so cute! If you do not own a pair of leggings I am doing you a huge favor by recommending you get some, seriously you will fall in LOVE!

Top: BB Styled
Leggings: BB Styled (use codeword 'FREELEGGINGS' at check out to get them free)
Boots: Bohme


  1. just ordered some! ThANK YOU!

  2. When it comes to style and comfort, you don't get points for guessing the right answer - A pair of leggings. Whether you are young or old, your pair of leggings always tells a lot about you. It's no more a secret that a well tailored fit bottom makes you look smart and attractive. That's why, the house of the People offers comfortable and stylish leggings in a variety of colors. Long shirts with leggings