Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Best Work Out Clothing? DYLN Inspired.

 I am very excited to share with all of you one of my new favorite workout clothing lines, DYLN Inspired! Not only are all of their items beyond cute but they are very functional for working out as well! All of their workout clothing is made with VitaPearl Fabric which stimulates circulation and promotes muscular oxygenation!
(Discount coupon below!!)

I love the sleeves and back pocket! 

Sports Bra, Top, Jacket and Shorts can all be found at
For an extra 25% off your order enter coupon code MCKINLI-25 at checkout!

Photos by: Serena Martineau


  1. So cute! Wish I could wear this type of stuff but that is just not going to happen haha

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  2. Loving your blog (especially the fitness side), and have to say how stunning these shots are! You look all the more beautiful with your hair in a high pony, and I just adore that first shot. Breathtaking! Gem from Xx

  3. Oh hey, I had my engagement photos taken there! haha So I'm loving your blog. Do you have your diet and workouts posted anywhere on here that you used for training for your first show? I'd be really interested to see what you did.

  4. Where is the location of these photos?

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  6. Seems really comfortable workout clothing and stylish at the very same time. I am looking for something similar from such a long time. All stylish workout clothes I found till now, don’t look that comfortable to me but this one is truly an exception.

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