Sunday, January 11, 2015

Avocado Salmon Recipe.

 Meal prep is in full force here at our house. Finding meals I can eat is familiarly simple... Finding meals both myself and the kids will eat is a little more challenging.

My coach gives me a weeks worth of meal planning at a time. Depending on how my body reacted to the previous weeks meal plan is how we judge what I should eat the next week. This past week my meal 5 (dinner time) was lean protein and a half of avocado. Salmon is always a go to in my house, the children LOVE it (as do I). I searched Pinterest for a recipe involving salmon and avocado that was healthy or that I could make healthy on my own. With my meal plan I am allowed 0 calorie seasoning only... so my options are pretty limited.

I found this yummy Salmon and Avocado Recipe and tried it out.. SO YUMMY!!!

What you Need:
Wild Salmon
1 Avocado
Onion (I use about 1/4 an onion)
Lime Juice
Mrs Dash Seasoning: Lemon Pepper
Cilantro (we don't love cilantro at our house so we didn't use this)

First start with Wild Salmon cut into piece. Sprinkle on some Mrs Dash Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Mrs Dash seasoning is awesome because it is all 0 calories. Bake Salmon according to thickness, ours was 12-14 minutes at 400 degrees.

Cut up your avocado and onion.

Mix them together and add in the lime juice, as much as you'd like.

Then you put it on top of the salmon. Seriously, so yummy!


& Don't worry, I have more meal prep information coming you way!


  1. That looks delicious!! I am going to have to try that.

    Summer Ann

  2. I am doing 21 day fix and this recipe is perfect! Thanks so much!

  3. Headin to the store now to buy everything I need

  4. This salmon, once flavored with avocado is just genius (vibrant colors and vibrant taste!)

  5. Just saying thanks wouldn’t just be enough, for the fantastic fluency in your writing.