Tuesday, January 6, 2015

NPC Show.. Take Two!

So the last post I did regarding an NPC Show was quite awhile ago. I had left off by saying I was going to train myself for another show.. Well, that didn't go over too well. I got very busy with work and couldn't commit to the amount of time it takes to compete (gym time and meal prep).

Well, I decided to take on the challenge once again. This time I have hired a coach to help me through the process. I think hiring a coach, the right coach, plays a big part in competing. They are there to help with meal plans, works outs and to track your progress! I am doing more of an online training for this show so my trainer will not be there with me every time I work out. This requires a lot of dedication on my part. They won't be there to make me do 5 more reps or tell me to not eat that cookie, that's all on me!

My official day one of training was yesterday! I can honestly say I made it through my meal plan and work outs 100%! WAHOO!

Since I have done a show before you would think my work outs and meal plans would be about the same, but to my surprise they are not the same at all. Different trainers have different methods on training, that is why I can not stress enough how important it is to know what works for you. My diet and work outs will hopefully work great for me, but they might not work at all for someone else. This time around I am doing WAY less cardio. For my last show I was doing 6 hours of cardio a week and 9 hours of weights, which I think is why it was so hard for me to commit to another show. This time around I am on way less cardio and my work outs are about an hour and a half long every day, I can handle that haha! I am also eating WAY less food then I was when training for my previous shows. For my last show I was eating 7 full on meals (5oz of protein & 6oz of complex carbs), that explains why I was doing SO much cardio. This time I am only on 5 meals a day! Do not get me wrong, that is still A LOT of food! It is actually funny to talk with someone who doesn't know about competing, one of their first questions are always "So are you just starving the whole time?" When actually it is the complete opposite! I eat SO much when training for a show! I am trying to build muscle which requires me to fuel and feed my body. If I starved myself I wouldn't be able to make it through my day or a work out!

I am going to keep you all up to date on the process.. Healthy recipes (that are very plain, sorry!), fun workouts (did I just put fun and workout in the same sentence??), and progress photos so you can see how it is working for me! It is honestly amazing to see how you can transform your body!!

So here are my day 1 photos and measurements..
Height: 5'10
Weight: 126

& here is a trip down memory lane to see my last show! I can't wait to get some muscle back!!



  1. Awesome!! Best of luck to you. Training is tough, but addicting!! Can't wait to read about your experience this go around!

  2. I'm SO glad you're doing fitness related posts again! That's originally why I followed you :-) I'd love if you did a lot of fitness/progress/food posts during this. We're built very similar and I workout 5 days a week so seeing you walk through it will give me a good push
    I realize your first priority is your husband and your children and then work, so no judgement if you don't have time :-)

    1. Good luck! You'll do great!

    2. I agree! Definitely why I started following in the first place.

  3. You will do great but honestly I just wish I looked like your before photos.

    Summer Ann

  4. I don't mean to cause offense but you need to do the total opposite of not eat a cookie. You are THIN. Not just petite, but unnaturally thin. You would look so much better with at least an additional 15 pounds. A lot more feminine.

  5. You look amazing! You're going to kill it on stage!

  6. who's your coach? im trying to find someone good. :)