Monday, January 12, 2015

NPC Training Week 1.

 This was the first week of training for my NPC Bikini Show in March. This time around seems to be a lot easier for me. My sugar cravings are pretty much gone, which is usually really hard for me. (I have a big sweet tooth and LOVE soda pop!)

But honestly, I missed this! I missed eating out of a Tupperware for my meals and being sore from working out. While you may be giving up some of your favorite sugary treats, you gain a lot more benefits! Working out and eating clean makes me feel energized throughout the entire day, it makes it easier for me to fall asleep at night, it makes me feel organized & gets me on a good schedule and it is actually a huge stress reliever!

Here is this weeks photos and stats. For some reason these photos are really bad quality. Someone needs to teach me how to directly upload photos from my photo to my computer without having to email them, ha!

Weight: 123
Waist: 27 in
Hip: 35.5 in
Quad: 18 in
Arm: 10 in

Now before you start with the "You need to eat a cookie" , "You look fine now, I don't know why you would want to loose weight" or the "You need to gain about 15 pounds" comments, I would like to say a little something.. I am doing this show to become more healthy and build muscle. By going and 'eating a cookie' that would go completely against what I am trying to do. (& honestly, if I did go eat a cookie I don't think I would look any different. Naturally I have a thin body type and I am still young so my metabolism is on my side.) I actually want to GAIN weight by building muscle so cookies are not going to do that for me. Gaining muscle is actually really hard with for someone with my body type, even when I do gain muscle you can hardly tell because of my tall height and long muscles. & When I eat clean I am not only doing that for myself but for my family. I make dinners that are organic with low calories, sodium & sugars to benefit my kids. I want them to lead a long, healthy life so by building these healthy habits at this age will really help them in the long run. 

I am excited to share my experience with you all and hope to inspire you (whatever your goals may be) to do them!

Now which blog posts do you want to see first?? Work outs (if so, at home work outs or gym work outs)? Meal planning (A weeks meal prep or recipes)?? Supplements (vitamins, proteins & pre workouts)?? Or is there something else you would like to know?? Just leave a comment here or send me a quick email :)

Have a good night! :)


  1. You look great! I love seeing the training process. Im looking forward to your workout and recipe posts! Thanks for giving us a sneak peek at your journey! And for the motivation!! ;)

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  3. I would love to see your weekly meal planning and recipes. Good luck on your new journey.

  4. Meal plans and then supplements!

  5. You look awesome! Excited to see your journey to the competition! I would love to see at home workouts and what pre workout as well as supplements you use! :)

  6. You look awesome! I'm usually around 123 (I'm up to 129 now after baby) but I never looked that great. I know muscle weighs more than fat but how tall are you? Thanks for being so transparent. This really is motivating me to get back to the gym.

    And I'd be most interested in recipes or links to ones you like.

    Summer Ann

  7. Yay!!! Thanks for the added post :-) you look great!

    Week meal plan and supplements would be super interesting. We meal plan and prep on Sundays lately BUT I just can't keep away from the sweets! Which is not the end of the world or anything but I'd love to hear what decreased your cravings...and likely it's just good ole self control and discipline, hah!

  8. Meal planning and supplements!

    You are a great inspiration! I just started working out again after a few months off. I also have two kids and just want to feed everyone better and get back into my routine. Easier said then done! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Please don't be one of those people who buy supplements and cannot take all the pills that are there in the box, you cannot get all the good stuff with one pill.

  10. Workouts and meal plans (and recipes for the meals) would be sooo helpful! Also, how much water you drink!