Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pops of Color.

I love mixing colors together that you wouldn't normally mix. When you have the color cobalt in your outfit, the first color to pair it with wouldn't be yellow. But yet, I love this combo.

I love pretty much all parts of this outfit! The Top is from a cute little Boutique Located in my town called Ella Bloom. The lace detailing is absolutely gorgeous so I knew when I put the top on I wanted to dress up my outfit. I paired it with this fun yellow skirt (Don't hate me, because I bought this skirt like a year ago and can not remember where I purchased it from!! :( )! Then I threw in the cobalt. The shoes & clutch totally make the outfit POP!

Top: Ella Bloom
Shoes: Go Jane
Clutch: PS I Adore You

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