Thursday, February 26, 2015

Transistion from Winter to Spring.

 Utah has been really warm lately, which is not normal. Usually February here is freezing with lots of snow, but this February there has been days where it has almost reached 70! & I'm not complaining one bit! I actually prefer warmer weather and some days I have no idea why I live where it is just so darn cold.

So we got a little taste of Spring which inspired this outfit. The Transition from Winter to Spring Outfit , where I wear a cardigan but not a full sleeve cardigan because it is starting to warm up. It was great for a few weeks but today it is snowing again, so I may have to put this cardigan away for another month or so and bust out the North Face Coat.

If you live somewhere warm you should get this darling cardigan. Or just save it for a month or so when it starts to warms up! I'm in love with it!

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