Tuesday, March 24, 2015

National Show Plans! Yay!

My NPC Show was a little over a week ago (I should have a full post up about the show once I get my photos back). I trained for 8 weeks for the show, meaning no sugar, white flour or junk for an entire 8 weeks. So the second my show was over you better believe I started to eat every ounce of sugar I missed out on over those 8 weeks. It was so yummy for the first few bites but by the end of the night I was SO sick (yes, I knew that was going to happen but I had to attempt it). The next day I woke up feeling better and decided to give sugar one more chance.. I got even more sick to my stomach!! My body is at a point now where it goes in freak out mode when I eat too much junk so instead of forcing body back to my old ways I decided to stick to the new life style I have created.

When you first start eating clean it is hard, I will be the first to admit. Cravings are in full force and it takes everything in you to just say no! But it does get easier. Two days after my show I walked into a pastry shop to order my daughters birthday cake, I was finally off my diet plan and able to pick anything in there to eat. As I looked around the shop I knew that the cookies and cupcakes would probably make me sick again and they honestly didn't appeal to me as much as they did in the past. Instead of picking out an extra treat for myself, I just ordered the cake and enjoyed a slice on her birthday. Moderation is the key people. And it is so much easier to eat in moderation when you are eating clean the rest of the time!

I am so excited to tell you all that I'm not stopping now! For my 2013 show, I did the show and went right back to eating unhealthy and not working out. I don't want to go down that path again and have to start from square one. I have already created a habit of eating clean and working out daily so I am going to stick to it! My plan is to compete in a National Show at the end of July in Vegas!! I am about 4 months out from that which means I am going to be bulking for the next little bit. Both of the shows I did I started training 8 weeks out and never really had time to put on a lot of muscle. I am very excited to see what lifting weights will do for my body!

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