Monday, August 24, 2015


I love blogging for local companies, small companies and companies with a good purpose. I believe this company is one of those.

 Namaste is a gesture of bowing with hands pressed together at heart center, which represents the belief that there is a divine spark in every soul that is connected through this offering. We recognize that divine spark in mothers too, who are innately connected to one another by virtue of their motherhood. Whatever your practice, whatever your lifestyle, the namomste movement was created in recognition that we are all moms together.
 #jointhemovement coming soon.

& can we just talk about these Free People Shoes & Pants... UMMMM LOVE!! 
That is all. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to School in Style.

The kids headed off to school last week. Laikynn started Preschool! We thought she would get bored without her brother around so we are letting her go to preschool a year early. We figured we would give her a head start and have her makes some friends. She is loving every second of it just like we knew she would!

Titan is in 1st grade! I have always been told that Kindergarten is the hardest on mom, but I feel like 1st grade is. It is so weird to have him gone ALL day at school! I was really worried how he would handle being at school all day but so far he is loving it! Which is a big relief for this mama who pretty much had to drag him to Kindergarten every day!

Of course, one of the best parts of Back to School is school shopping. One of our new favorites is Forever 21 Kids! Seriously, cute stuff there like these tops!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Date Nights

Date night is my favorite night of the week. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore being with my children, but one night a week it's nice to get dressed up and have some adult time. Devan and I have great friends so we love going on double dates as well as going out just the two of us.
Some nights are more causal, some nights we get all dressed up. When we do get dressed up I love to pull out my Bliss Tulle Skirts. (Yes, this is the third time Bliss Tulle has been featured on the blog. I'm a little obsessed.) Because girls, "A Tulle Skirt is always a good idea".

Shoes: Go Jane
Necklace: Express 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Best Friends Forever

Real Best Friends wear Best Friend Tee Shirts!
This little girl is my best buddy. I can't wait (I lied, I can wait and she can stay little forever) for Laikynn to grow up and come to me for anything. I hope we maintain this close bond all our lives. Keeping her secrets when it comes to boys and friends at school, shopping trips to the mall, ice cream dates <3 #bestfriendsforever

Bracelets: Shop Kendall Store

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Benefits of hiring a trainer/coach

When I first made the decision to get back in shape I knew I needed some type of motivation. I wanted an end goal that really pushed me to get the body I wanted. Originally I wanted to run a marathon, but after about 3 days of training I decided I wasn't really in to running... like at all.

I had been watching a friend of mine (via Facebook) compete in an NPC competition. As I looked into it more, I knew it was something I wanted to do! This would be the perfect motivation to really get back in shape! I asked my friend that had competed where to even start and he offered to train me. Although, he had no experience training someone else, I decided why not and he trained me for my first show. (And by train I mean, we were pretty much work out partners and he took his meal plan and gave me a little less food, ha!) I was impressed with the end result and was happy with my placement, but kind of had a bad taste in my mouth regarding shows. I didn't feel like I was doing it the healthiest/best way possible for ME and in the end I really didn't know much about nutrition or even working out.

After my first show my old diet and exercise habits came back. I thought I knew enough to train myself for another show but I really didn't. I didn't know what to eat to achieve my goals. And on top of that, my workouts became routine and I was no longer pushing myself. I knew I needed to find another trainer who would help me reach my fitness goals. So the search began...

 Meet my coach and trainer, Nick Olsen.

During my first show in March I watched as Nick competed against one of Devan's cousins. After I found out who he was I started following him on Social Media and watched as he grew his team, Team Fit Crew. I could tell by his posts that he not only had a passion for fitness in his life but for helping others achieve their fitness goals as well.

My first experience with Nick was more than great! He helped me achieve my goal of placing 1st in a local NPC Bikini Fitness Show.

After taking home a first place trophy, I knew I wanted him to train me for a National Show. Prepping for my National Show and actually being at the show is where I really got to experience just how great of a coach Nick was. He was there every step of the way, evening coming all the way to Vegas to support me and two other Team Fit Crew members. Not only was he there to answer all questions regarding the preparation weeks prior to the show, but he has also competed before so he knew the answer to questions regarding tans, suits and posing. 

When you first start working with Nick you set a goal; a show, a goal weight, whatever it may be. Then Nick is there to help motivate and push you to do what he knows you are capable of (even when you don't think you can do it). He is also there when you need a little confidence boost and to remind you why you started.

I can’t tell you how much difference it makes to have someone’s sole attention for an hour per week as they take you through exercises tailored to help you get your body and fitness levels just where YOU want them to be. And it isn’t just the time I spend with my trainer that is making the difference (he trained me online for the first 6 months), it’s knowing that I check in with him every week that encourages me to stick with it. Slowly but surely, my shoulders are coming in and I'm finally getting that bikini booty!

Honestly, having a personal trainer has gone from luxury to necessity. My trainer has now become less luxury, more necessity. Yes it’s a chunk of money each month, but when I think of the equivalent amount of money I’ve wasted each month on other diet and exercise routines/supplements, compared to the return on investment I’m getting now, my mind boggles. I’m happy to spend less on myself in other areas of my life, if in return it means I have a body that I am happy with!

Here’s my top reasons why it’s a great idea to hire a trainer/coach:
  • Guidance; you will get an exact plan of attack to help you reach your goals.
  • Education; You learn the proper techniques for amazing results during your workouts and you will learn to fuel your body with the correct nutrition. 
  • Accountability; Sending in weekly progress photos will keep you accountable for keeping up with your plans. (They know when you cheat on it!) 
  • Get Comfortable in your surroundings; being a girl in the gym can be intimidating! Having a game plan before you head in can help tremendously!
  •  Consistency; Developing good fitness habits. & You get to go at the pace that’s right for you, rather than the pace of a class or a program.
  •  Motivation; The exertion during your session will never stop, because your trainer will always push you further.
  • Instill Confidence; You will love the way training effectively makes you look & feel!
  • Have someone (besides yourself) who cares about your goals. I love having someone who knows what I am going through and who is excited (sometimes more than I am) about reaching certain milestones in my training.

I mean when you have someone right behind you cheering for you (literally) it can be extremely motivating, Ha!

I recommend looking into getting a trainer or coach for whatever your fitness goals may be! I also highly recommend Nick. He trains people all over the world, so you don't have to be local to Utah to work with him. Contact him HERE.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pool Time.

I can't believe summer is almost over! Where did the time go??

If anyone needs us, we're just going to be soaking up some sun at the pool in our Kortni Jeane Swimmie Suits for the last few days of summer!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Choose Love.

You will never be this loved again. So on days where you feel stressed out, touched out, and depleted, just remember that you will never be loved this much again. One day you will long for their affection. So choose a soft voice, choose gentle hands, choose love.

I love this quote! I found it on Pinterest the other day. Sometimes we forget how precious moments with our little ones are, so it was a good reminder for me.

We went matchy, matchy in this blog post. Laikynn loves it when we wear similar outfits.

Top// Kate & James
Skirt// Brynnie
Headband// Arrow & Lace Designs
Shoes: Mommy's Little Sunshine

Skirt// Brynnie
Shoes// Go Jane