Monday, August 10, 2015

Pineapple Lovin'

 I am more than excited for today's post. Mainly because I am blogging for one of the biggest companies I have had the opportunity to blog for... well, my kiddies get to model the adorable products but it looks WAY better on them anyways!

When companies contact me to blog for them I usually do a little research first. I only want to blog for companies that I 100% support. When I saw the email from Forever 21 I didn't have to do much research. OF COURSE, I 100% support this company! So, we agreed and picked out some darling outfits for a few posts!

We are going to start off with this pineapple loving posts because summer is coming to an end and I am trying to hold onto it for as long as I can! (I am not made for cold winters in Utah.)

I'm trying to think if there is a better outfit then cut offs, graphic tees, flip flops and shades for summer..... there isn't.

(I worked pretty hard to get my stomach flat, SO I'm going to wear some crop tops while I have the chance. ;) )

So next time you are online or in stores at Forever 21 be sure to checkout all the adorableness in the children's section!!

Pineapple Tee: HERE