Thursday, August 6, 2015

Candid Smiles

 Whenever we shoot with a new photographer they seem to get a little frustrated at first because this little one doesn't like hold a pose and smile. Instead, she likes to do her own thing. So, I have to take a moment to explain to the photographer that when shooting Laikynn you just start snapping pictures and somewhere in the bunch of photos you will find what you need. Her candid smiles make me smile. They are not forced but real, which totally make the photo in my opinion.

Love this little thing.

This shoot was for Mommy's Little Sunshine so Laikynn had several outfits to model this day. Usually I just have her hair down and curly, but sometimes we decided to throw it up or in some braids.

With this style, I parted her hair to the side and did a Dutch Braid with the front section. Then I gathered all the hair to the side in a side pony! LOVE how it turned out for the photos! <3

Tops available on Mommy's Little Sunshine. 
Photographer: Jessa Kae Photo

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