Saturday, August 8, 2015

USAs- My first National Show

I have been totally slacking at blogging all around so I figured I would start with this post since that is where most of my time has gone. My National show was in Las Vegas. We flew down there for 5 days for the show/ a mini vacation since we were already there.

Going into this show I was definitely not as confident. I went in thinking I was not going to place, but I was okay with that. I worked VERY hard to get my body prepared for the show and I wanted to experience a National Show.

Prior to flying out for the show I was pretty nervous, then once I got there my nerves multiplied by about a thousand! It was so bad I could hardly eat!!

The day of the show I calmed down a little. All of the girls back stage were so sweet!  I looked around the room and every girl there had an amazing physic! We all had worked so hard to get there and each one of us brought our own strong points.

With this show we were allowed to do an 8-10 second posing routine, which is SO fast! (I honestly don't even know how the judges can decided in that amount of time!) Then they do what they call 'Call Outs'. They start calling out girls about 5 at a time, then they continue to do this till there aren't anymore girls. My main goal in this show was to not get last call outs. First call outs would have been great but I knew I wasn't physically there yet.

There were so many different emotions that I felt with this show. This is the first show I have been in where I didn't place top 3. Walking off the stage and over to my husband and coach I almost wanted to cry. To work so hard at something and not get it can be pretty discouraging. I ended up getting 3rd call outs, which honestly is pretty good for my first National Show which happens to be the biggest amateur show.

My advice to everyone who asks me about shows is to just have fun with it. Shows are physically and mentally tough. To bring your best package to the stage and have someone else say it isn't good enough isn't easy. So I decided to take my own advice! I try very hard not to take shows to seriously. I just keep reminding myself that I am doing this because I enjoy working out, bettering myself and stepping on that stage. This is my hobby and if I start thinking negatively about myself it won't make it fun anymore.

So I went out there, did my thing, meet some great people then I got to hang out in Vegas with some great friends and eat yummy food!!

I can not thank my coach, Nick Olsen, enough!! He has been prepping me and encouraging me every step of the way! He was right there with me in Vegas and stayed at the show with me (both days) to make sure I was ready to take on the stage. I am consistently turning to Nick with all kinds of questions concerning my diets, exercise and show preps and he always has the right answer. He has probably been to enough show to know where I was going to place, but that didn't stop him from giving me boosts of confidence and encouraging me to chase my dream of stepping on a National Stage.

Devan is such a trooper. This show was a two day show, the first day just so happened to be on his birthday. He chose to come with me and sit in the audience (literally all day long) on HIS birthday!! Who does that?? He might be my biggest temptation when he comes home with a box of donuts that I can't eat but he is also my biggest supporter!

Here are my before and after photos with this show.
Oddly enough, I weigh exactly 122 in both photos. & I was up 8 lbs since my last show!

 Hello QUADS!!

After a week of binge eating I have decided to start training again! I have now been training for about a week and I have never been more motivated than I am right now! Not placing at Nationals totally lit a whole new fire in me! I am going to work out harder and eat cleaner (most importantly) to beat the package I brought to the last show. With a 16 week prep I am more than excited to see what package I bring to the stage next!!

I am going to be training with Nick Olsen again because I am loving the results I am getting from following his plan. If you are interested in taking your results to a whole new level you should definitely contact him! Let him know I referred you and he will hook you up on a killer discount!

And here are some fun photos of us in Vegas after the show was over!!


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