Saturday, February 6, 2016

Gender Reveal!

 Is Baby Hatch #3 a BOY or a GIRL????

Every asked me what I thought the gender of the baby was. Since I had been pregnant with both a boy and a girl before everyone figured there was a big difference in pregnancies with different genders. But this pregnancy has been so much different then my first two. My first two were actually very similar, and this one is just completely throwing me off! 

When I was pregnant with Titan I was convinced I was having a girl, wrong. When I was pregnant with Laikynn I was convinced I was having a boy, wrong. With this baby (because I had been SO sick) I figured it was a girl... WRONG!! 


Devan and Titan thought it was a boy, while Laikynn and I thought it was a girl! 
We are all SO excited!! (Laikynn was a little bummed!)

Laikynn was a little sad that she wasn't getting a little sister. But she is slowly coming around and excited for another brother! 


  1. such a cute announcement! Congrats!!

  2. Congratulations, your vapidness.

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