Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On Wednesday's we wear PINK

 At the beginning of this pregnancy I was convinced I was having twins. The main reason was because I was SO sick. My first two pregnancies I wasn't very sick at all so to have a completely different experience I assumed there must be two babies in there. Once I found out there was in fact only 1 baby I began to think it was a girl. I was slightly more sick with Laikynn and I have heard that you experience more morning sickness with a girl. So then I was convinced I was having a girl. Funny story, I was convinced my first was a girl and my second was a boy.. so obviously I am really good at guessing the gender of my babies HA!

Before we found out the gender I decided to plan a cute little gender reveal photo shoot with cupcakes and tulle skirts (because I was so convinced it was a girl). Well turns out baby is a boy and so we didn't get the chance to wear these darling skirts for the gender reveal. However, they are SO cute that we will just wear them all summer long to parties and wedding! If you have followed my blog before you know how much we LOVE Bliss Tulle!

Our shoes though... <3
Mine // Steve Madden


  1. Those skirts are adorable! And tulle is just so fun :)

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