Friday, April 22, 2016

The ASH.

I have had multiple questions regarding my hair color so I decided to make a blog post to answer all of you at once.
First things first, if you wish to obtain this hair color you must have 2 things.
1. Patience
2. A Good Hair Stylist

It has taken me several trips to the salon to try to get this color. I'm not completely in love with it yet but hopefully my next trip I will have finally achieved it. Everyone's hair handles color differently so some can get the ashy look sooner than other. Every time I go into the salon I just tell them that I want it a white ash, & the ashier the better. It's been a long process trying to color my hair & extensions so they match because extensions absorb the color much faster then my real hair.

Once you do get the ash you've been looking for I recommend getting a purple shampoo. It helps take the brassy tones out of it. I use Bed Head & Shimmer Lights Shampoo and Conditioner . I put the purple shampoo on the roots first then the rest of my natural hair, avoiding my extensions, for about 10 minutes.

For my maternity style I did the same thing I did with my jeans. I just went to the mall and got a few pairs of shorts that were a couple sizes up from what I normally wear. I attempted to look for a cute pair of maternity shorts and realize that they don't exist. I figure I won't be pregnant too much of the summer so hopefully the ones I bought will last the rest of the pregnancy.

Outfit Details:
Shorts: Express
Bag: Cut N Paste Bags

Shoes: Nordstrom
Purse: H&M


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