Friday, June 17, 2016

10 Fun Facts

I am now a little over 34 weeks! I wish I could say that time was flying by but it's actually going SO slow! I think that it is mainly because we tried for another baby for two and a half years, so in reality I been waiting a little over three years for this baby to get here! Where with Laikynn I got pregnant so easily & Titan was a surprise that didn't really even hit me for the first few months. So little Baby Hatch is a long awaited gift that we can not wait to snuggle!!

For this post I decided to do some Fun Facts about this pregnancy. I think it will be fun to read back on this post one day and read the little details and differences in my pregnancies!

1. I was so sick in the beginning I was convinced I was having twins. (I was wrong.)
2. When I found out there was only 1 baby I was convinced it was a girl, because I have heard you get sicker with a girl. (I was wrong, again.)
3. We knew we would have the baby's middle name be Jay since before Laikynn was even born. Jay is Devan's middle name.
4. Because I didn't know the date of my last period we have been going off measurements to calculate the baby's due date. So far I have been given 4 different due dates!
5. I don't crave sweets when I am pregnant, normally I have thee biggest sweet tooth!
6. As of right now I have gained 23 pounds and currently weighing more than I ever have in my life!! (I gained 29 pounds with Laikynn but I started off at a lower weight).
7. My stomach went from a 24 inch waist to a 37 inch waist!! Crazy to think my stomach has stretch 13 inches!!!
8. No new stretch marks so far, crossing my fingers it stays that way!
9. I have extreme rib pain right now and barley get any sleep at night.
10. When we asked the kids what we should name the baby, Laikynn suggested 'Flynn Rider' (from Tangled). 
Bonus- I'm 99.9% sure I have a name picked out for the baby and have had it for several months now. Devan loves the name but wants to wait to see if the baby fits the name when he gets here.

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