Friday, June 3, 2016


Friday & I have a love/hate relationship. For the most part I love Friday and the weekend because it means Titan doesn't have school and Devan doesn't have to work so we all get to hang out together. However, recently Titan's dad has stepped back in the picture so every other weekend I pretty much dread. I hate walking past his empty room. I hate going out on family activities and not having him with us. And I hate not having him around! I just miss him WAY too much!!

But I do LOVE when it's our weekend with him and we get to plan fun family dates together!! & this weekend he is with us! So we will focus on the good in that and soak up our time with this sweet little man of mine!!

Is it bad that I went to McDonalds and ordered these fries hoping they were still in the red & yellow container? I haven't bought a fry at McDonalds in forever so I wasn't sure if they had changed them! HA!


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