Thursday, July 7, 2016

We Picked a Name!

Baby Hatch will be named... Tatum Jay Hatch! <3

It may seem a little last minute deciding on a name but we have actually had this named picked out for awhile now. About a week after we found out it was a boy I heard the name Tatum and fell in love! I told Devan the name and he loved it as well! But it was still so early on in my pregnancy that I think we both thought there might be a chance that another name would come up that we liked better, however, that never happened. There were some other names we liked as well, but we always like the name Tatum over them!

For awhile I was back and forth on the name because it is gender neutral. When I told Devan about this concern he told me his name was actually gender neutral as well. That got me thinking, and the more I thought about different gender neutral names the more I realized it really isn't that big of an issue! There are so many names out there that work well for either gender!

We had the middle name picked out since we found out we were pregnant with Laikynn. (Because I was sure Laikynn was going to be a boy.) I love Devan's middle name and I wanted to have Devan be able to give his first boy part of his name, Jay! Well, turns out Laikynn was a girl so we decided to do a name that rhymed with Jay, which is where we got Kay! Then we saved the name Jay for our first boy together.  

As far as nicknames go I love Tate, but he could even go by TJ because of his middle name! I think that nicknames just come naturally so we will see if we end up calling him something else for short! I remember when we were naming Laikynn I had no idea what we would call her for short, I thought possibly Kynn because I actually when by 'Kin' a lot growing up. But somehow she got the nickname Lakers and I love it! With the name Titan, I figured he would go by Ty when I was pregnant and I was right! But I prefer Ty Ty, although I think he may out grow it soon, ha!

We are just so excited to meet little Tatum Jay!