Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Shop Lulu & Roo

There is a few brands that I am literally obsessed with. Lulu and Roo is one of them. They have the most adorable sweats you will ever see. I think I need every pattern for the kids, not even kidding.

 I am friends with one of the cute owners and she asked Laikynn and Tatum to come model for her a few weeks ago! The images turned out darling!!


Well guys, I am officially a mama of 3!! I get asked all the time how it is and how I am handling adding another to the bunch! And honestly, I don't think number 3 has been as hard as I imagined it would be! I was blessed with a very easy going baby, who sleeps well at night and two other awesome kids who are willing to help when they can! I also think that all of the new gadgets that have come out have helped tremendously in making my life easier as a busy mom. There is 7 years between my oldest and my youngest, which isn't a very big number but yet the amount of change in technology that has come out is unbelievable! Like a baby monitor used to be used to listen to hear if the baby was crying.. it worked one way. Now you can not only hear your baby but talk back to your baby, watch a live video of them on your phone from anywhere in the world, monitor their breathing, heart rate and sleep patterns!! And that is just ONE product! I keep wishing all of these products would have come out when I had my first!

When you get pregnant weather it be your first back or fourth, it is a little overwhelming the amount of products out there. Which ones do you need, which ones are worth the money?? Well, I came across a one stop shop for everything baby. I found the Baby Cubby about half way through my pregnancy after I had already bought a few baby items and I wish I would have found them in the beginning. I am not kidding when I say every baby product I bought and LOVE can be found at this store. They have the latest and greatest products from big names to small boutique brands! If you are planning for a baby, pregnant or have already had your little one, I highly recommend checking them out!

I am loving this Diaper Bag from The Baby Cubby! It seriously fits everything I could ever need in it! Plus, how cute are the stripes??

My Covered Goods Cover is also a favorite! It can be used as a carseat cover to keep the baby cozy and germ filled hands away or it can be used as a nursing cover! I am all for nursing whenever/where ever when the baby needs to eat. However, I am not comfortable nursing in public so this cover is a win for me! I am able to nurse anywhere because I am 100% covered and I don't have to worry about any accidents! It has definitely been a life saver! 

Laikynn was shooting this cute dress with my photographer for my boutique & I realized it matched with all the other stripes so we ended up through her in a few pictures with Tatum and I! It ended up being a stripe overload!  

Lemon Lime.

One of my favorite things about blogging is getting introduced to the most darling brands! Since I have both genders of children I am able to see just about everything in the kids market (boys stuff is coming along but there is still SO many more items for girls). Then since I blog my own outfits I get to see all the women's stuff. And occasionally men's items.

I got an email from Lacey Lane, a brand which I hadn't heard of prior to the email, and fell in love with the brand the second I saw their website. Such cute items!! I was worried Laikynn wouldn't love the outfit but to my surprise she LOVED it! It was much different then a lot of her other clothing which I think is why she loved it, and I think she loves all the compliments she get while wearing it! 

Those piggy tails though.. SO cute!

I am currently in the stage of life after having a baby where I no longer fit in my maternity clothing but I don't fit back into my regular clothing either. I am not really in the mood to wear skin tight clothing most days so finding something that is flattering, comfortable and nursing friendly can be a challenge. I love how easy this dress from Moss and Honey was to wear! Perfect for all my current wardrobe needs.

I am also LOVING this Diaper Bag from Lily Jade! I feel like it is much more stylish than my other Diaper Bags so I love wearing it out to date night! It has a million pockets inside so it fits everything Tatum will need!

Sunglasses: Mommy's Little Sunshine

My Outfit:
Dress: Moss and Honey
Shoes: Free People
Diaper Bag: Lily Jade
Watch: Daniel Wellington
(Use coupon code MCKINLI for 15% off watches)

Happy Mama

My Tank: Us Plus Four // Laikynn's Tank: AKVK Creations

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


We have been shopping Joyfolie for a couple years now. Every time I go to their website I want everything, literally everything! They have hands down the cutest little girl shoes ever. They started introducing clothing and women's sizing as well, everything is just as cute!

If you haven't ever shopped Joyfolie before, get your credit card out because you won't be able to not buy something after you see all the cuteness! (these shoes.. DYING!)

Use coupon code YAY30 for 30% off!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kiki Lu Diaper Bag & Floral Tee

I can't get over how cute this darling Diaper Bag from Kiki Lu is! I first saw it on another mom at my daughter's dance class and I knew I had to have it! The backpack style makes it easy to be hands free, which we all know I need with 3 kids running around (well 2 kids running, 1 consistently holding HA)! But you can also change the straps around if you prefer not to wear it as a backpack! It has tons of pockets for everything baby you can think of! & comes in such cute colors! I decided to go with mint because I love everything mint and it's such a fun color pop!

Lucky for you all of my follower get 25% off using coupon code MCKINLI25 at checkout

And let's talk about this cute Floral Tee from Brickyard Buffalo! It isn't on sale yet, but it will be this Saturday & Sunday! So consider this your sneak peek and reminder to grab it before they are gone! Brickyard Buffalo is a fun little Daily Deal site that features boutique items on SALE! I love shopping there!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pregnancy Fitness.

I had baby #3 a little over 3 weeks ago. Monday was the 3 week mark to be exact and Monday was my first day back at the gym and lifting heavy since having my little boy. I honestly felt good enough to head back to the gym about a week after the baby was born but I decided to wait an extra week to get nursing under control and on a schedule of some kind, then I did a week of just walking/light weights. I am excited to share my fitness journey with all of you and to show you how I plan on loosing the baby weight/getting back in shape. I decided before I start on those posts I would first post about my pregnancy fitness journey!

Here are a few things I have learned over my past 3 pregnancies.

1. List to your body & talk with your doctor. I was constantly asking my doctor questions about the Do's & Don't's in pregnancy. Most of which he responded with 'Listen to your body". If an exercise is uncomfortable, stop doing it. If you are craving a certain food, eat it (in moderation of course). If you are tired or nauseous, take a break. The list goes on, but I think you understand where I am going with this. You know your body best and you know what is best for your baby.

2. Try to get in shape prior to getting pregnant. I was in the best shape of my life when I found out I was pregnant with baby #3! It has only been three weeks and I can already see the benefits from being in shape. Not only that but it is easier to stick with your clean eating habits/ exercise routines if you are already doing them. Once you become pregnant it is even harder to find the motivation so starting before you get pregnant seems to help tremendously!

3. Water, water, water! There are so many benefits to water while pregnant! It helps with everything from delivery to stretch marks so make sure you are always drinking plenty of water! Even in that first trimester when it is hard to keep anything down!

4. Eating clean! I think the MOST important reason to eat clean while pregnant is so that your growing baby gets the best nutrition possible. But there are so many benefits on top of that. You will have more energy and feel better during your pregnancy! And it's a big added bonus that you will most likely bounce back faster!

5. Working out- it's hard to find motivation when pregnant! Trust me, I know! But adding exercise to your routine while pregnant helps with delivery, ensure you don't gain extra weight & helps you feel better (because we all know we have those bad days when pregnant). About 2 weeks before I had Tatum I was in the gym and an older man approached me telling me that he was an OBGYN for years and he was so happy to see a pregnant girl days away from my due date still working out! He began to tell me all about the benefits I would see from sticking to it!

As far as competing goes, I definitely want to get back on stage! I love competing and can't wait to do it again and to hopefully get my Pro Card soon! My goal was to be back on a National Stage within a year! There is a National Show in Vegas every July that (I competed in it last year) and I would love to compete in that again! In order to compete in a National Show I have to place Top 3 at a local show, so I would have to compete before that show. I decided to contact my coaches, Ryan & Taylor Benson, to see what they thought! They have bigger plans for me and want to see me on a stage much sooner than that! I would love to get on stage as soon as I am ready, but I am also soaking up having a Newborn and 2 young kids as well as running a business! So if it fits in my schedule despite my other priorities then I will go for it! I will do much better about posting on here, IG (@mckinli) and Snapchat (@mckinlih) so you can follow my journey & hopefully start or continue your own!