Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Well guys, I am officially a mama of 3!! I get asked all the time how it is and how I am handling adding another to the bunch! And honestly, I don't think number 3 has been as hard as I imagined it would be! I was blessed with a very easy going baby, who sleeps well at night and two other awesome kids who are willing to help when they can! I also think that all of the new gadgets that have come out have helped tremendously in making my life easier as a busy mom. There is 7 years between my oldest and my youngest, which isn't a very big number but yet the amount of change in technology that has come out is unbelievable! Like a baby monitor used to be used to listen to hear if the baby was crying.. it worked one way. Now you can not only hear your baby but talk back to your baby, watch a live video of them on your phone from anywhere in the world, monitor their breathing, heart rate and sleep patterns!! And that is just ONE product! I keep wishing all of these products would have come out when I had my first!

When you get pregnant weather it be your first back or fourth, it is a little overwhelming the amount of products out there. Which ones do you need, which ones are worth the money?? Well, I came across a one stop shop for everything baby. I found the Baby Cubby about half way through my pregnancy after I had already bought a few baby items and I wish I would have found them in the beginning. I am not kidding when I say every baby product I bought and LOVE can be found at this store. They have the latest and greatest products from big names to small boutique brands! If you are planning for a baby, pregnant or have already had your little one, I highly recommend checking them out!

I am loving this Diaper Bag from The Baby Cubby! It seriously fits everything I could ever need in it! Plus, how cute are the stripes??

My Covered Goods Cover is also a favorite! It can be used as a carseat cover to keep the baby cozy and germ filled hands away or it can be used as a nursing cover! I am all for nursing whenever/where ever when the baby needs to eat. However, I am not comfortable nursing in public so this cover is a win for me! I am able to nurse anywhere because I am 100% covered and I don't have to worry about any accidents! It has definitely been a life saver! 

Laikynn was shooting this cute dress with my photographer for my boutique & I realized it matched with all the other stripes so we ended up through her in a few pictures with Tatum and I! It ended up being a stripe overload!  

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