Sunday, September 18, 2016


I love sharing all of these new products with all of you! I wish I could have had them with all of my babies because they make life so much easier! 

Little Tatum has already traveled a couple times in his two month life and one thing I always bring with us is his Dockatot! It makes traveling with an infant so much better! I just lay his little bed on mine and I can sleep right next to him knowing that no one will roll onto him at night! While we were in Lake Powell we squished 4 of us into a full size bed and little Tatum did great in-between us in his Dockatot! If you are a co-sleeper this product is definitely for you! He loves it so much that we actually put it in his bassinet at night so he feels nice and cozy!

When traveling on an airline with the Dockatot I just folder it up and put it in my carry on!

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