Thursday, September 1, 2016


 Nothing screams Mom Car more than a Full Sized SUV! I lied, a mini van does. But guys, I can't. I realize how convenient they are. But I just can't. So we opted for a full size SUV! It took me a long time to decide (pretty much my entire pregnancy) which car to get. I was currently driving a Range Rover, my dream car that I worked so hard to get, so nothing really compared to that car. We even kept it for the first month of Tatum being born to see if I could make it work. But the kids were so squished with their car seats! Getting in and out of the car was a big task that we had to do multiple times a day. So we traded in the Rover. I looked at it as I was selling my dream car for a way better dream, the dream of my cute little family! And now we have room to add another for way that day comes!

We decided on a White Infiniti QX80! This one has the two caption chairs on the second row so the kids can easily get to the third row. We were worried the kids would fight over who got to sit in the second row but it turns out they both refuse to sit there. They are both all the way in the back and loving it! The car is BIG and I am still getting used to it, especially when it comes to parking! But we love it and it is the perfect car for us for this stage in our life! I am consistently taking the kids to different actives! Titan is in football, soccer & hip hop dancing! Laikynn is in ballet, tumbling & soccer! So being able to carpool now makes my life much easier!

We went into the Infiniti Dealership to look at the different models & after driving them around we decided to try to see if we could find a used one before making the purchase! I hate knowing the second you drive off the lot you are losing thousands of dollars. So we went over to Kentson Car Company in Bountiful because they had a big selection of used 2016 Infiintis. After looking through their stock we didn't see exactly what we wanted. I really wanted a 2016, white, low miles (under 5k), and the caption seats in the back. They wrote down everything I needed in a car and told me they would call me if they found one... The very next day I got a call saying they had it! That my friends is great customer service! They held it for us for a few days until we were able to make it back up to Bountiful to get it! I was impressed and they now have a customer for life!

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