Sunday, September 18, 2016

Solly Baby Wrap

Shopping & Household chores just got easier! Does your little one ever have those moments where they just don't want to be put down? Well now you don't have to put them down, yet you can be hands free with this darling Solly Baby Wrap! I love having Tatum snuggled up close to me but still have the freedom to be able to get things done! And Laikynn wanted to be just like mommy and hold her "real baby" in a wrap too, so we are so glad Solly Baby makes mini ones too!

The other day Laikynn told me "Tatum is so cute I just want to steal him!" She just loves her little brother!

I am also loving this Loyal Hana Top! It is nursing friendly and has hidden zippers on the side! They have the cutest nursing tops!


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