Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Lulu and Roo

 Get ready for cuteness overload...

Shop Lulu and Roo has been one of our favorite brands for a couple years now. The material is ultra-soft and the prints are beyond cute! Tatum has actually been wearing this brand since day one when we brought him home from the hospital so I am sure this won't be the last time you see this brand pop up on our blog!

FYI- most of their summer styled items are on sale right now so be sure to stock up! Then you will have to check out all the new Fall arrivals! I am dying over how cute they are!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Boho Vibes.

I find myself planning an entire outfit around these shoes because I love them so much! I am love that they are universal and I will be able to wear them until it snows here. For now, I am soaking up the fact that I get to wear skirts for a little bit longer with them. 

 Skirt / Shoes / Hat / Bag

Monday, July 3, 2017

Casual 'Go-To'

Shorts and a tee have been my 'go-to' all summer long. It's quick, easy & comfortable which makes it the ideal outfits for almost any activity. I love add simple touches (like the watch and belt) to make it really complete the look.


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Cactus Vibes.

My boys don't get as many Mommy & me outfit posts because its rare when we actually match. So I couldn't pass up this opportunity to capture our matching cactus vibes! I can not believe how big my little (not so little) Tater Tot is! Where has the time gone?

Thursday, June 29, 2017


 We have done a trip to Disneyland just about every year. This year we decided to do something a little different and visit Disney World. We had never been, so we didn't really know what to expect. We went for the 4 day park hopper pass so we would have enough time to visit all 4 parks. It was A LOT of Disney, ha! The kids loved every minute of it, except the walking.

There were a few differences between the two parks, but most of it was very similar. Disney World is huge and way more spread out, where Disney Land's parks are literally right next two each other. I loved going somewhere new, but honestly if we are going to do Disney we will probably just stick to Disney Land. I don't think there was anything too special at the park that made the extra travel time & money worth it.


We went back and forth about bringing Tatum along with us. I really wanted to bring him because I knew I would miss him like crazy if he didn't come with us. But then I knew the weather was going to be HOT for him & he would basically be in the stroller the whole time because he wouldn't be able to go on the rides with his siblings. Tatum has had so much attention since he came (obviously, because he is just a baby), that we thought it would be really good just to focus on the other two for a week. It was so fun for the older kids to be able to ride with each parent on the rides and for us not to miss out on those special moments with them. Plus, Tatum had a blast with family back at home!

It ended up raining every single day we were there. Not like a light sprinkle, literally down pouring for like half the day. So we are so glad Tatum didn't come, he would have been miserable! 

Pandora was amazing! We watched the wait times on the app the whole time we were there to see when the best time to go over there would be. There was a 3-4 hour wait at pretty much any given time. Luckily, since we stayed in a Disney Resort we got access to the park during their 'Magic Hours', which means we got into the park an hour early & could stay 2 hours after it closed. So we woke the kids up bright and early and entered the park at 7:01 and still had to wait an hour in line for the ride, BUT it was totally worth it! Such an awesome ride!

We stayed at the Art of Animation Hotel. The kids loved the Disney themed pools & rooms!

One of the days we were in Florida we decided to rent a Camaro and head to the beach! We went to Seista Beach and it was beautiful! The kids loved swimming in the warm, ocean water!

Everyone also jokes and says that you need a vacation after a trip to Disney Land and it is SO true! Disney is so much work for the parents, but everything is worth it when you see their faces light up! Disney is seriously magically! 

OH, and a tip for anyone traveling to Disney World- you can get your fast passes 60 days in advance on the app. This would have been such a helpful tip if we would have known, ha!

Tea Collection

 Tea collection is by far one of my favorite brands for children. Not only is everything absolutely adorable, but it is ultra-soft & comfortable! I love that the kids can be as active as they want, while looking so cute!

Tatum & Titan's looks are already sold out. I found Laikynn's dress for 40% off at Nordstroms here.
Tea is doing a clearance sale and almost everything is 40% off so be sure to check it out!