Sunday, January 22, 2017


Well, it is officially 2017 and this is my first blog post of the year. I realize we are now about a month into the new year and that my last blog post was about 3 months ago, but what can you do?

2016 was a little rough for me so I am more than excited to start a New Year. I will get more into 2016 a little later, for now, I am focusing on New Years Resolutions and goals. One of which is to be more consistent with this blog. I am a busy mama to 3, a wife, a business owner and a blogger so there are times when something has to take the back burner. Most of the time it is the blog. I used to LOVE blogging, but then blogging became more of a chore for me. I had many companies offering to pay me money to post their products, which don't get me wrong- is totally awesome. BUT it made my blog one big advertisement for a lot of companies I may not have posted about on my own. Suddenly instead of creating genuine content that I wanted to post about, I was having to meet deadlines for companies and figuring out ways to market their products. At the end of the day I didn't have time to post anything I wanted to post. Slowly, I just stopped posting because it wasn't really me.

So my blog is taking a turn starting now. I have been declining offers from companies and have tried to focus my energy on figuring out ways to get back to how my blog was before. I know it sounds easy, but it's been a little bit hard to break my old routines. I am going to start using LIKEtoKNOWit more, so that you can see the actual outfits I am purchasing for the kids and I instead of posting about random clothing items sent to me.

I am really excited about my blog moving forward. I think this will get me out of the blogger funk that I have been in the past year.

So let's talk a little about fashion for a minute. I don't know if it because I am a busy mom of 3 or I just don't care quite as much anymore, but my outfits are all about comfort. If I can find something that is stylish, yet comfortable I am all about it. My heels are starting to collect dust as I reach for flats more often now. And graphic tees? I love a good graphic tee. I actually just bought a bunch from Forever 21, most of which are under $10! Score! Also, chokers. Chokers are my new favorite. They can easily be paired with almost any outfit, and they are simple. I like simple.

Now let's talk makeup- I had the pleasure of working with Whitney Williams for this blog shoot. She is amazing at make up. I feel like I do a pretty decent job at my own make up, then once I have it professionally done I realize why there are people that do it professionally. She rocked. 


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