Tuesday, April 25, 2017

3 Steps To Lose The Baby Weight.

As a mother of 3 and a fitness competitor, I often get asked how I lost the baby weight and got back in shape. To me the answers are simple, but I am amazed at the reactions I get when I tell people how I did it. So I'm writing a blog post for mama's out there looking to get their body's back. 

Sorry, this post isn't going to introduce you to a magical diet pill that will drop inches off your waist. This post is here to give you the harsh reality that if you want to get rid of the baby weight, or any weight, you have to eat good, clean food. I am literally shocked at the amount of people that are surprised when I tell them that the way to get in shape is to eat healthy... actually, I am just confused. Why is this not common sense? Or maybe it is and no body wants to accept it because they don't have enough self control to put down the donuts. Yeah, I said it. It is really quite simple- substitute your McDonalds lunch for some chicken/rice and your sugary snack for some veggies. And for the love, please give up soda. "But that doesn't taste as good', you say? Well, think of your food as fuel, not just what sounds good at that exact moment in time. Meal prep before hand so that if you allow yourself to get hungry you have something healthy on hand to eat. Don't pack the house with junk food and hope you will have enough self control, because chances are you won't. 

"Sooo I actually have to work out?" This may come as a surprise to some, but the people who attend the gym on a regular basis are not there just because they have nothing else to do. I can promise you that there are people at the gym with mile long to-do lists that would blow yours out of the water but they are making themselves a priority. Next time, when you try to say you don't have time to workout, try wording it as 'working out is not a priority to you'. When something is a priority you find a way to make it happen. I am not saying you have to spend four hours a day at the gym, heck, you don't even have to go to the gym. Go outside for a twenty minute walk, ride a bike, swim, do something you enjoy. I promise if you chose a form of exercise you enjoy doing you are 1000x more likely to do that exercise.

Above anything else, THIS has to happen.
Grab a piece of paper and write down all the reasons you didn't eat healthy or work out today. Now look at that list good and hard because everything on that list is just an excuse standing in the way of your goals.

No time? Make time. I hate it when people say they don't have time to meal prep or workout, but yet they have time to tell me all about what everyone is doing on social media or the new series they binged watched on Netflix.
  • Don't know what clean foods to eat? Google it. OR check out all those healthy recipe pins you have pinned over the years. 
No gym membership or babysitter? Find an alternate form of exercise or work out at home. 
  • Don't know what exercises to do? Do you know how to walk or do a sit up? Start there.
  • Health condition? See a doctor and find a solution. I am willing to bet there is someone out there with the same condition that isn't letting it hold them back.

Moms, I get it. I really do. You've made 3 meals today only to have everyone eat gold fish instead, you've put the same toys back in the toy box at least 10 times, folded laundry that never ends, played taxi driver, maybe even went to work at your job on top of all the household duties. You are emotionally, mentally and physically tired. That is why you need to put yourself first for just a small part of your day. Mom guilt will happen, but think of it this way- You are showing your children that being healthy is a priority and that is something that will stick with them for the rest of their life. I'm sure you don't want them to experience the same feelings you are feeling now later on down the road. Not only are you teaching your kids to better themselves through your own actions, but by eating clean and working out you will have more energy to tackle your daily tasks and you will feel better doing it. Take my word for it and try it out for a month, then let me know how much better your life is. <3

If you want some real tips on workouts and healthy recipes be sure to follow this blog & my fitness Instagram and I'll keep them coming.


  1. Love love LOVE this!! If it was easy it wouldn't be worth it! It does take time and self control to get in shape after baby (I mean come on, you spend 9 months eating pretty much whatever you wanted so it's not fun to limit yourself) but it's needed! Plus, when you DO have self control and resist the urge to eat the junk and eat the good food, it's so much more satisfying mentally and physically!! Thank you for your honesty!!

  2. I love this so much! I used to get down that we couldn't afford a gym membership or the childcare they provide. Then I realized I was making excuses. I have a walking trail in my backyard, but often times had too much to do before naptime to get out on it. So I bought a 40" trampoline and I jump on sometimes even with two toddlers. And do hand weight exercises usually while they nap, but sometimes even when they are awake and let them use the 2 lb ones to try to copy me. I still have a hard time sometimes, but I am slowly improving at being consistent and I think that is what matters.

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