Thursday, April 27, 2017

BB Styled.

Work has been crazy busy lately! I had my manager quit on the same day as my assistant manager (the two girls who basically run the warehouse), which happen to be right when we were moving into a new warehouse. So to say work was crazy busy is actually an understatement. We are officially moved over to the new warehouse and have hired on 8 new full time employees so things are slowly getting a little less crazy and I am able to focus on doing the stuff I really love to do when it comes to owning my own business! Both companies are growing like crazy and I feel like because I spend all day shopping for the boutiques I don't do as much shopping for myself! I end up wearing mostly BB Styled clothing so I have decided to blog more cute outfits from BB, because we really have such cute stuff! 
Outfit: BB Styled


  1. You look amazing! You know, I don't browse the Net that much, my bookmarks are only and your blog. I admire your spirit, your style and your beauty. You give me a lot of new ideas about new outfits and I just wanted to say thank you!

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